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New guy!! Whatcha thinkk!

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kay. so i got a new horse. a paint. hes an upcoming 4 year old. he'll be 4 on june.3. so heres the thing. i have recently found out that throughtout his 3 year old year....he has been jumped. about 10 times..nothing above a foot. she said at max 1.5-2 foot jump once in woods.
well i would like to jump him when he turns four. nothing above 3 foot. once a week..if thatt.

well my question is what do you think of them jumping him before?? how messed up do you think hell be. what kinda problems do you think he will have?
(p.s. i didnt know what category to put in under so i picked this one! sorry for any inconvience)

oh and i have him on joint supplements. the smartpak one. i think smartjoint mantience. and a hoof supplement. smart hoof.
if that helps??
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I'm fairly conservative and save jumping for 5 yrs old when hopefully all their growth plates are mature. Popping over a log on the trail is fine but not repetitive jumps over and over in the arena. Too hard on those growing legs. I want my horse to last. When we bought our paint, he was 5 and had been being jumped daily, up to 3 feet. On his vet check, the vet noted developing splints, puffy areas. After about 6 mos., his legs looked so much better! Congrats on your new horse BTW. Pictures??
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