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Hello All....

Looking for a good friendly site to join, hoping Ive found it in this one. Looks good so far. Im... older now... been riding since I was 10 yrs old. [Over 20 yrs...] But Im still learning everyday about my equine friends and how to better our relationship. We own 10 horses, a POA pony mare, and a donkey. Wanna know a bit more about them? We own a few oldies... a 29 yr old quarter gelding KC, a 29 yr old POA pony Applesauce, and a 28 yr old quarter gelding Ranger. Then we have a breeding stock paint mare 11 yrs old, showgirl my husbands horse, my riding mare is a 10 yr old arabian mare Prism. My sons horse is a 5 yr old bay and white tobiano mare that we bought when she was a yearling and she was very sickly. Then we bought two yearling fillys from a dirty bad auction, cheyenne and ebony. Ebony is black and white, and cheyenne is sorrel and white. Both tobiano and half arabian. They are now almost 4 yrs old... we started riding Ebony a few weeks ago... [ after lots of ground work] she is doing great!!! Then we have are most recent rescues... Juan a 15 yr old quarter horse gelding and Sonya is an almost 16 hand, and very stocky bay quarter horse mare. Juan came to us totally sore in all 4 legs... he has some issues with lameness but is coming along well. Sonya is turning out to be a great trail mare... were quite proud of her. :) Then we have how I got my name... I also own Festus... a 3 yr old donkey... talk about a hoot... hes everyones best friend. I will be posting pics soon... I look forward to hearing from you all. Oh and were in sunny Arizona. :) And we love to trail ride. We ride in bitless bridles mostly, and believe in love and trust with our horses. I do most of my own training, and believe that hitting a horse to get them to listen never works [unless ya want a blow up at some point] Ok Im done babbling. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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