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New Mare

712 Views 0 Replies 1 Participant Last post by  allie84 i had bought an Arab back in December...7 years old and not tame at all...i was able to get him to like being handled but spooked at every shadow...then i was in a car wreck a couple weeks ago and hurt my back and neck...I was unsure what i was going to do with my neko boy...then...a girl who boards at the barn let me ride her lil quarter mix gypsy...and i fell in love...So now i am giving neko to a friend that has the resources to put the time and ability into him to make him a great horse...and im buying this wonderful lil girl...i was told she was 4...but after an inspection of the teeth by my friend and clare...we think she is closer to two or two and a half...the picture of me riding her in the bosal was her first time with a bitless bridle and she did great...i just have to work on my hard hands on her overly sensitive rambled on most of this...but im just super excited...sorry the pictures are horrible...they are off of my cell phone...


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