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Hi ya'll!

My name is Tiffany and I am from Central Texas. It says this is the place to introduce myself so that's what I'm going to do :)

I'm a life-long horse lover/owner/trainer. I've raised, trained, and rode horses all my life.

I currently own 3 beautiful Arabians - 2 broodmares (Beyberry Rhthym - Beyberry Blues x Desperado Blues and her half sister Frosted Beyberry - Beyberry Blues x Tsienna Al Sufi) and "Frosty's" 2 1/2 year stud colt Sufi Bo Bey by CF Lindale's Comet.

I've worked, in the past, at Avatar Arabians in Perry, MI with *Percussion, Avatar Al Sufi, Pioneer V, Avatar Obsidian, and so many more there than I can count. I've also worked for BFM Empressa here in Texas with their Thoroughbreds, racing Quarters, and show horses.

I have a 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter that both ride Frosty (even though she's never been broke - I LOVE that mare!) in our spare time - which isn't much.

My main goal of joining this forum is not only to make new "horsey" friends but to get the word out for my ranch - Silverwind Ranch.

We are trying to raise money to start an outreach riding program in the Texas Hill Country (mostly Llano and Burnet counties) for underprivledged children in our area. We want to be able to provide a free riding camp and low cost riding lessons for kids that otherwise wouldn't be able to afford the experience of riding horses and/or going to camp.

You can check out our website at Home - Silverwind Ranch There is a section there that says "My Challenge To You" and this is where I am trying to get everyone I can to help me spread the word.

I can't wait to get know some of you! Please, let me know what you think of the website.

Tiffany Martin
Silverwind Ranch
Burnet, TX
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