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Went to visit mom the other day and got to spend some time with Tom. It had just snowed a bunch, so I got up good an early(before the sun was up, go me!!) to go play for a bit.When I got outside, Tom was a little horsecicle! He had little ice balls all over him lol. Anyhoo, here are the pics.
phone pix 041.jpg
Well good mornin' there!

phone pix 037.jpg
Satin didn't like my coat...looked at me like I was going to eat her...

phone pix 043.jpg
My polar bear coat! Sooo warm, gotta love goose down!

phone pix 038.jpg
Satin says Hi!!(and it is Satin like the fabric not the devil hehe)

phone pix 048.jpg
Grunt, mom's puppy.

phone pix 054.jpg
Zip! The little grumpy old man.

phone pix 057.jpg
Looong Appy mane!

phone pix 064.jpg
After the sun came up

phone pix 002.jpg
His horsesicles!

phone pix 001.jpg

More to come!

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MORE!! The next day.

Tom in his show halter! It was sooo big on him, my old mare Honey had such a big head! And introducing Gracie, moms bf's little girl. Tom is in love with her, he was such a good boy with her, I was so proud. She learned how to lead, yield his hindquarters, back him, and groom him. I was shocked at how well behaved he was, a natural babysitter! He is usually a little spunky with me, but listened to all 70lbs of her like hed been doing it forever. I love my boy!
phone pix 045.jpg
Aren't they adorable!

phone pix 046.jpg
Whatcha doin' Mom?

phone pix 062.jpg
Learning how to groom him.

phone pix 068.jpg
Couldnt leave out the grumpy mare!

phone pix 074.jpg
Her pretty blue eyes, Ignore the goo, hadn't groomed her yet... She managed to scrape her hair off in the trailer..silly mare...

phone pix 072.jpg
The creepy black one, just weird!

phone pix 078.jpg
Horsey cuddles!

phone pix 096.jpg
Squaring him up.

phone pix 098.jpg
Aww, cuddles.

phone pix 119.jpg
Grumpy mare says bye yall!!
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