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He's not mine, he's my grandmothers. But I was the first one to ride him lol. And he's cute. A friend of ours was interested in Copper and Skeeter, and Nanny was interested in their halflinger gelding. So basically they knowingly got a barely greenbroke 3 year old and a yearling colt(who went with a gelding contract, FTR) in exchange for a well broke(but bratty) 13.3hh(tops) 6 year old gelding. And they gave her $300. He is absolutely adorable. His name was Alcaponey, but we are definitely changing it. He's very bossy in a herd situation, and I guess he was beating up on their horses too much for their liking. She said he'll also give a mini rear on occasion, and he's super hard mouthed. He was used as a school pony before they got him, and he knows his voice cues decently, which I found out today. He's a little um....plump. And comfy, and cute. And hairy. And I think I am in love.

He does need his feet done, the farrier is coming on the 14th.

He just has the sweetest face and kindest eyes. And the halter did come off and was replaced with a breakaway for now.

His poor tail got eaten. It's not docked, we checked.
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