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New (potential) horse!!!

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So this is Cricket, she came yesterday but i didnt have my camera on me. I really like her so far, i havent rode her as the weather turned really crappy today, but i cant wait to ride her. She is 16-16.1 hands tall. The only real negative i have to give her is that she is very long, and she could use some weight as you can see, other than that i like her alot. Here is my other thread on her for those of you who dont know She has a really thick tail, so i braided lol. She has the coolest brand ever, its just like the fox brand logo.


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I dont think she is too long. She has a very pretty little head on her.
thanks guys! She is longer in person lol.
Ha ha, you're right! That brand is adorable :)
hehe ya.
WooHoo, Congrats!!! I am keeping fingers crossed that she will be the one. She is a good looking mare, but will certainly look better when you get some more muscle on her. I can't wait to hear about your ride :D.
thanks smrobs! I will let all of you know how it gos, I havent been able to ride her as the weather has been super crappy, hopefully tomarow. I think she is a good lookin mare to, she will be super good lookin once i get some weight and muscles on her lol.
She's not the most well put together horse I've seen, but I LOVE her face, LOVE her eyes. She looks like a cuddly little gal!

And yes, that brand is cool as snot! :D
ya shes definantly not, her legs belong on a 15 hand horse lol. Its kinda like her genetics choose bits and pieces of mom and dad and glued them together lol. But i think shes a cutie, shes sweet and i hope she rides as good as she sounds! I mean no horse is perfect....... well some are pretty dam close

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So i rode cricket today! She did awsome, all i did was walk and a little trot because im a scardy cat.... But she has a really smooth trot and walk, and she is actually a little bit lazy lol. Which i like for now, makes me feel more comfotable and helps to get my conficdence back up, after the stanley insidents i have no more confidence. She has alot of nice training on her, has an excellent whoa, good back up, two tracks, side passes, move her shoulders over, knows the barrel pattern really well, you dont even have to put her in the right place, she does it on her own. Tomarow (weather depending) im going to ride her again, and maybe this time i will feel more comfortable to lope. She has a great attitude in the arena... well in general she has a great attitude, super sweet, likes and enjoys working. I love her so far!
ya, i rode again today, she did great. I took her out on a trail ride with another border she was super good, was a little weary but she never spooked, she would just do that sideways head cock thing when she wasnt sure of something so i am going to buy her!!!!!!! shes that type of horse you could put a kid on her (without you leading her) and let them ride around the whole arena, she is just that honest type of horse.

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Yay!!!!!! I am so happy for you. After such a long search, you finally found the girl you wanted. :D :D :D
thank you!!!! I am so glad its over. Guess i was just meant to have a mare lol, every other horse i looked at was a gelding.
thanks! congrats on your new mare to!
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