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What is everyone's goals this year?
I put this here because I wanted to hear everyone's goals for their horses and themselves this year - but also feel free to post your other goals as well!

This year I hope to....with my horse
- Get pretty good at roping and cattle work with my horse.
- jump
- Thanks to my only equestrian friend who rides english, she has tack I can borrow until I get my own. But I will be doing english this year and maybe evne starting entering in some shows! She said I was welcome to enter in one ro two small events in January show. Now that we have an indoor arena and she can bring jumps and tack she can teach me. I'm very excited!

This year I hope to....for myself
- Eat healthier. I'm skinny. I eat all the junk food possible and don't gain any weight, but I swear I am going to get diabetes !! But even still I'm trying to become healthier.
- that's about it ;)

What is everyone elses goals for 2014?
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I'm hoping my horse and I will be rodeo ready this year. I'm also hoping to get back on track with my fitness and health. :)

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Ah, new years revolutions! Gotta love them. :wink:

My 2014 goals for my horse...
-To ride her at least 4 times a week.
-To enter in a 25 mile endurance ride.
-To enter a low level/schooling English show.

And for myself...
-Stop spending unnecessarily and start saving!
-Start college in the fall.
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My goals for 2014
For the Horse:
*Start riding 4 days a week
*Go to as many shows as possible
*Take a lesson a week
*Get Gavyn to stand tied with NO PAWING!!!

For Me:
*Find a better paying job
*Get my anxiety under control
*Start college
*Lose 15 pounds
*Save money

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My 2014 goals with my horse consist of:
- Starting dressage and jumping lessons with a new instructor.
- Learning to drive the truck and trailer by myself so I don't need to bring my dad to shows.
- Go to at least one dressage show with Ursula. (I have never competed dressage before.)
- Get Ursula over her fear of clippers and give her a real hair cut!
- Go for a trail ride (or several).

My other goals consist only of one thing...
- Pay off the next student loan.

My husband and I were about $100,000 in debt when we got married a little over a year ago (student loans and a car loan), and until that's gone (or at least most of it) we can't buy a house or have children. This amount was split into 8 different loans. We paid one off last year, have rolled the monthly amount we paid on that one into the one with the next highest interest rate, so we are over 6 months ahead on payments with it, and have been saving as much as we can. As soon as we are able to, we are going write a big fat check to pay off the remaining balance of the next loan. In order to do this, we have taken a pledge, starting today, to not spend any unnecessary money, at all. We are only buying food for meals at the discount grocery store. We are not buying desserts, snack food, junk food, or even meat, and have sworn to drink nothing but tap water to keep the cost of groceries down. We have sworn off everything else, like antique shops, thrift stores, movies, tack shops, and eating out, at all, for at least the month of January. I would ideally like to keep this up all the way until April and see how far we get with our savings. I have also pledged not to take a single riding lesson until April.

Once the next one is paid off, we are rolling the monthly payments from the first two into the one with the next highest interest rate, and I hope to snowball it and get all of them paid off within the next few years.

We have done this before and made HUGE progress. You would be surprised how much all the little unnecessary expenses add up. If you spend $35 here, $25 there, add an armload of junk food to each grocery trip, and eat out twice per month, you've just added hundreds of dollars to your monthly spending. Eliminate it for a time, and you will be amazed at how fast your savings grows, and how wealthy you feel when the spending freeze is lifted!

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So glad it's a new year! Thank God for the new beginning. 2013 was awful.

Goals with my horse

-To finally get his training up to speed
-Ride him atleast every time I come home from college
-Trailer him out to new places
-Trail ride with a group of my friends
-Get his canter down
-Basically working with him

Goals for me
-Lose the weight I gained after my brother passed
-Graduate College
-Come back home to parents and work to save money for when I move

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I don't have a horse, but I have a couple of horse related resolutions for this year, along with some personal ones.

1. Expand my horizons (which means learn different disciplines of riding).
2. Start school in the fall.
3. Find a job.
4. Continue to work on my social anxiety by putting myself in social situations.
5. Volunteer with therapeutic riding centers to gain more horse experience.
6. Lose about 50 lbs.

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Well, as it is the "year of the horse", I tell myself it would make perfect sense to spend as much time with horses as possible. :lol:

1. A) Therefore, concentrate all my free energy on making time for riding lessons.
B) Not spending ANY of my saved up riding money on anything "non equine" related.

2. Lease a horse for at least a month

3. Save up enough money this summer to go on a trip.

4. Hopefully get in to physiotherapy and start the fall semester strongly with good grades, no matter how hard university can be in the beginning.

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For the horse: compete this summer.

For me:
Remember that my partner's needs are no less important than my own.
Kiss more- cry less
Stay healthy
Wear a bikini and feel okay about it.

There- I put them in writing!
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OH yes the good old fashioned new years resolutions lol, maybe I can stick to them this year.

For the Horses:
Start my 3 year old Cinder under saddle, and if she's going well take her to a few local shows.
Get My older gelding Skipper back in shape (he's been a kids riding horse/pasture puff for the past few years)
Get Skipper riding in English not western

For Myself:
Lose a few pounds
Get out and be a bit more social, make some new friends (im a pretty shy person)
Save up some cash to go on a little vacation

Other random goals:
Clear more land, and put up new fences, and fix the horses barn/run in sheds
Build a garage (ok ok this one is more for hubby, but also benefits me cus I get him outta the house lol )

Oh and one more thing... try not to cry to hard when I send my first born child off to kindergarten.

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My goals are...

- Ride/work from the ground at least 4 days a week, no excuses
- Push myself to work harder and become a better rider
- Save money for unforeseen expenses (vet, supplies, replacement tack)
- Finish my ESMT certification
- Eat better foods and get in shape (the riding should help)
- Read more books/watch less TV

Happy new year, everyone! Year of the horse!
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Be able to progress with my mare and be able to put my first ride on her. My other goal was to lose weight, but I have managed to do in the last couple of months and do not wish to lose more weight, because it would unhealthy. I would love to make some riding goals with flatwork. Improve my riding is always a goal, tho I think thats a lifetime goal :lol:
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