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Hey everyone im completely new ahah i've come on here a couple times, but finally signed up :p I thought it looked like a great place to meet horsey people and get questions answered
i have a Percheron/Thoughorbred He is black with to white hind socks, absolutely the love of my life, his name is dreamer starting new with him he's only 2 years old, originally i had wanted a finished horse, but then found him, and i couldnt' help myselfl. So far he's been the perfect horse, catches on really quickly, and is sooo freaking sweet.
We also have a Friesian/percheron/with a tiny bit of appoloosa, ahah he's a strange one, looks like a huge appoloosa with a big friesion mane :) He 2 years old 2, my dad's horse haha
then we have 2 older ones, Galaxy who is a arabion appy, and Kiowa who is appaloosa,
anywho just thought i'd introduce myself and my horses!! :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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