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Majority of falls following hounds are minor as most of the time it is when the horse pecks badly or falls so you are lowered to the ground rather than taking a fall.

When I first moved to the area I retired from, I didn't know the area at all. I had a good little horse I wanted to sell and had him out hunting.
The then Master's wife wasn't the bravest of riders and was having a horrid time on a new horse that was way to strong for her.
I offered to swap and she was so grateful!

The horse I was on was a bit of a nutter, needed a lot of work on it but it was bold and had a heck of a pop.
We had a good run and had taken some big hedges and rails. The only problem was that this horse was getting way to near the front with so few brakes!

The Master and 1st Whip were hard behind hounds, they took a couple of hedges that seemed as tall as a house! The Field Master took the followers a different way but the horse I was on decided differently and took off after the Master.

The Whip came off at the second hedge when his horse fell, by this time I was not in the best control but was following the Master - he headed into another house side hedge and I heard him call out "Ditch!"
As the hedge was nearly as wide as it was high all I could do was to let the horse sail on even faster and hope to cleared the ditch. Unfortunately he over jumped amd fell on landing. I was unhurt just wet and muddy.
Hounds had checked at the end of the foeld fortunately and I was able to get the horse and remount.
The Mater looked at me and the horse and asked if it was his wife's horse. It had a distinctive facial blaze, and I said it was. He then laughed at my having fallen, I told him that it was his fault for calling out "Ditch!"
"I never called out ditch," he denied, "I called out (banned word)!"
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