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WELCOME to the Forum!

There are many areas of the forum topic specific or very generalized to post in.
Look around and read a few posts to see if they are similar to what you are wanting to ask about...
Then post...
If it is the wrong area or you are concerned it might be, start a Talk to the Team thread { } or report your post {triangle button bottom of your post} that will alert the forum moderators of a problem and we will assist you anyway we can to solve it.
Once you post you have a few minutes to edit but you can not "delete/erase" a post...only modify.
Post carefully what you want seen by the public and members here.
Once you put a comment, that "space" is now recognized as yours...fill it carefully.

Our members are the very best in offering help to each other...
Enjoy the forum and getting to know our "family".

one of the moderation team
1 - 3 of 3 Posts