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Ocala or Dallas-which is best for horses?

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We re moving from the Northeast (finally!:) and have the option of either the Dallas area, or southern Ocala (North Orlando). I have 10 horses (mostly youngsters)-we want at least 10 acres (preferably mostly pasture), a horse friendly climate (little to no snow), reasonable real estate (under 500k for 10+ acres 2000sf+ house).
We would like an area that is horse friendly. I have ridden dressage, hunter, western-but mainly raise train youngsters now. We also love to trail ride.
Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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In this economy-the prices have come down I guess? I have found several properties that would work.
Price aside-which area is more horse friendly as far as climate, good vets/farriers, horse shows/events, places to trail ride....
We actually looked in that area 1st! It looks Beautiful there and I have heard wonderful things about North and South Carolina. Unfortunately we couldn't find any good jobs for my husband-that might change in a good economy though??
The real estate prices seemed a little higher in SC actually? Maybe I was looking in the wrong area??? I have kids and don't want to be TOO far out, 15-20 minute drive is the norm to get anywhere where I am now, 60 minutes to Boston (hardly ever go there though). A fairly local park for the kids would be nice...
Where in SC are you?
I am a little concerned about the humidity in FL. I am out working in the barn most of the day-and would hate it if it was really humid 6-7 months of the year. I like it hot though...I am quite content in 90-95 if it's not really humid and I hate the cold weather (I have raynauds and my hands are useless below about 30-and I am hopeless trying to do anything with gloves on!).
I have mainly ridden English-but am fine re-learning western if needed:) I raise/train foals and most of my showing is in hand/breed show type stuff. I'd really like an area where my non-horsey family can get also get involved-maybe some fun casual events and trail rides. I would imagine my husband would prefer Western...although he really would look cute in a pair of breeches;)
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Thanks cowgirl140ty! How do you find the weather as far as dealing with horses (daily chores/mucking/training...Do the horses tolerate the heat OK? I have heard that you can't work outside during the summer as it's unbearable- But I prefer heat to cold.
Do you have a hard time getting good vets or farriers? How about hay prices/quality?
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