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Okay, so I'm on an odd pictures kick. I got to looking at Pokey today and he has some really odd hair whorls on his head and neck. So I got to looking them up and this is the only site that I could find with any info about the meaning of hair whorls on horses.

Horsewyse Magazine - Around the Whorl

Anyway, share your oddly placed or strange looking whorls/swirls.

Here are Pokey's oddest ones.

He has 2 on his head that swirl in opposite directions resulting in kindof a peak where they meet.

Same deal on the left side of his neck just below the mane.

On the right side of his neck, it feathers most of the way to his poll and he has another one in his throatlatch.

Here is another decent pic. It shows the peak between the whorls on his forehead, the ones on his crest, and 2 more right there by his throatlatch.
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