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The last few months have proven to be nothing but interesting and a massive learning experience.

I've started my own horse training business/rescue. I started a horse for a cousin and helped her sell the mare. Also restarted an older mare for a kid who lacked the confidence to be the leader that mare needed. By the end, the two became a pretty awesome team. Also worked with a project gelding. Rescued a mare from going for meat an auction. Rescued another gelding from going to the same fate. Took in a feral yearling from auction. And that's from July to November. All horses listed there have successfully been rehomed to amazing homes that suited each of their needs best.

Most recently, I spoke with a rescue and they've allowed me to take in one of their rescues to train up and either keep or rehome with their approval. I agreed to this mare sight unseen as she was located 9 hours away from me. I was told that she was 6-8 years old, mare, almost feral, and 14 - 14.1 hh. Pictures I was sent showed a somewhat dishevled mare but in decent shape and with a cute baby.

Upon arrival, it was obvious she was not what I was told. Most obvious was the fact she was much shorter than I was told. After I measured her, turns out she's 11.3 hh at most. She was also under weight, under muscled, and seemed to have rain rot or something along that line going on as well. She's also semi halter broke. Been working with her for a month and it seems she has had some minor training at some point. Though also obviously abused to some degree as she feels like she has to fight if uncomfortable/pressured at all. But also really wants to be sweet.

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Another recent one is a colt I'll be taking on soon here. He's not a rescue, but a project to potentially keep. He's about 7 months old now. Appaloosa cross with potential of being crossed with Arab but unsure. Mostly likely will mature around the 14.2 hh mark. He has some basic handling but nothing much. He's a super cute little guy and he'll be arriving next week.

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Along with the colt will be a filly arriving. She'll just be 4 months old when she arrives. Sadly the people who have her mom refused to keep her past 3 months old. She also has a very small ambilcal hernia. So hearing of her situation, I figured I'd take her in. She's been haltered and led a couple of times but that's it so far.

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And finally, I'll have a gelding arriving in February. A relative managed to get him out of a bad situation and has put some time and care into him to get him some care that he needs to put on weight and get in better shape. Now he'll be coming to me to get more training and some final care before finding him a new home where he'll be well loved. He's 12.2 hh and is about 12 years old.

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Introduction to Mia

As I said previously, this girl showed up in rough shape. Currently she's put on weight to the point her hips and ribs don't jut anymore. Still needs to build up muscle along her back and get rid of the left over mom belly. I have a feeling she's been worked with at some point in her life, but not in a long time and most recent handling hasn't been the greatest. The hauler I used said the people used whips to get her moved around. And I've also noticed when working with her, if she feels unsure about something or is hesitant in trusting me, her go to thing is to threaten or try to bit me. She's a fighter instead of a runner.

When she first showed up, she was also very reserved and shut down almost. Now that she's put on weight and had a month to adjust, she's full of spunk and energy. She's been very hard to catch. I have to use a lariat as she'll let me get close enough to slip the lasso part over her head with some approach and retreat. This is getting better though. Last time I was able to get next to her and put the rope around her neck before haltering. Once caught and working with her starts, she settles down and very quickly starts to fall asleep. She seems to want to be sweet, but just isn't 100% trusting yet but getting there.

Currently only focusing on getting her used to be touched all over and having her feet handled. Poor girl hasn't had a trim in who knows how long. So she needs a trim before too much work can be done as I can't imagine it being comfortable moving around with extra 3-4 inches of hoof on.

This is the pic I was sent of her to show how she was in the summer.

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These pics are how she looked upon arrival. Keep in mind her winter coat is about 3 inches thick as well.

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After 1 month, this is how she looks now after being with me. Hooves will be trimmed this coming Monday and then she'll really be feeling better.

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That little mare reminds me of my pony mare Bella, who is 1/4 Newfoundland pony. She came from a home where she was quite underweight with prominent hip bones, had lice and was full of worms. My friend brought her home because she felt sorry for her, kept her a few months and then offered her to me when I told her I was looking for a companion horse. She had been trained to drive a little, but since she was only 2, hadn't been backed yet. Sweet mare. And with some care (deworming, de-licing and a good diet), she really shone! Shedding her winter coat was a revelation! Here's her before and after:

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And a before and after headshot:
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She was a bit of an ugly duckling when we got her which might also have partly just been her age, but since I was just looking for a companion horse, I didn't care, and she was cheap. Who knew that under all that fur, there wassuch a pretty little face? She's shaggy again now with her winter coat, but still looks much better than when we first brought her home.

She was started under saddle lightly by my daughter a bit after she turned 3 and has done tons of free-jumping. She's definitely showing talent and interest for jumping, so my daughter hopes to turn her into a little hunter/jumper pony.

I love that you're taking on these project horses and successfully re-homing them. There is such a need for this. Please keep posting updates on all your pretty ponies!

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So the gelding I was going to take on from my aunt isn't going to happen till summer now. Due to his previous foundering issues, I need to wait until I can get grass hay for him which won't happen until the next haying season. I spoke with my aunt and offered to help him find a good home where he'd get the care he needs as well, but she said she'd rather wait until the summer when I can take him on. So that's what's going to happen. Feel kind of special that she's willing to trust his care to me when she won't really consider anyone else. Definitely means a lot.

Also, the two babies are arriving early Tuesday morning! Can't wait to meet them. The colt got his feet done yesterday. Was his first ever trim and he apparently did pretty good for a first time. And the filly already is starting to boss him around lol. They just got put in a pen together today since they're leaving to head my way tomorrow and will be sharing a stall on the trailer coming up.

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As for Mia, she's making great progress!
I've been working on making it that she has to touch my hand or let me touch her nose before I feed her breakfast or supper. She's been catching on and getting more and more willing to allow touch. Twice now I haven't had to use the lariat to catch her, just halter her almost like you would normally. I never roped her, just slip the rope over her head since that's as close as she'd allow for the longest time to be caught.

Also been practicing desensitizing and giving her feet. I'm waiting until her hooves get trimmed before taking her to the roundpen since her one hoof has nearly 3 extra inches on it. Others are chipped and long as well. Her first hoof trim will be tomorrow and I'm both excited and a hint nervous about how it'll go. I'm optimistic it'll go well. I've been practicing holding her feet up, wiggling them, holding them like a farrier does, tapping on them, and even bringing brushes she's never seen and moving them around her feet like a farrier does when reaching for their tools.

A couple videos I've taken through the month of owning her if you want to see her personality for yourself :)

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Mia got her hooves trimmed for the first time today.
Started off not too great. While my prep work helps her be great for me, she wasn't so keen on a stranger handling her feet. She danced around a lot with the first two feet and even tried to bolt and rear a time or two despite us trying to go slow.
She threw one big tantrum and when she didn't get away with that, she settled and the rest of the trim went uneventfully.

With her feet finally being in better shape, we can start working in the roundpen at last! I may also have found her a new home come spring lol. My farrier's aunt has been looking for a pony her age and size. So come spring, Mia just might go to her and be part of a therapy program.

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Also, the two babies are arriving early tomorrow morning. Can't wait!

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The babies have arrived! :D

Colt is definitely underweight (was told this beforehand). He was a rescue case with his mom, both of which were malnourished upon rescue. The lady I bought him from had only had him for 2ish months and put some weight on him. Now I get to help him finish filling out. He's also in a growth spurt so that doesn't help either lol.
The filly looks to be in good health and spirits for her age and what she's gone through the last month. She's sticking to the colts side like glue while they were investigating the pen.

A horse in the pen behind them wants to adopt them too haha. He/she gets upset when the babies go into the shelter and out of eyesight. Pretty cute to see actually.
Also, the halters will be coming off. I'm giving them a bit of time to settle in first to minimize stress. But it looks like the youngsters are already on the verge of outgrowing their halters. Good thing I have some more to use that are bigger.

Also wouldn't mind name suggestions for them. Here are some names I've thought of so far.

  • Ranger - Arctic Prince (aka Prince)
  • Arlo - Tex
  • Maverick - Rost
  • Link - Sarge
  • Kei - Sky Dancer (aka Sky)

- Shimmer
- Aloy - Epona
- Piper - Ella/Ellia
- Bold Dreamer (aka Dreamer)
- Roulette (Rue) - Sakura
- Rae
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