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I pulled a young (5 year old) thoroughbred off the track about 2 months ago and she has 2 health issues: 1) "popped" lateral splint on right front 2) cyst on left nostril about 4 inches from end of nose. I was wondering a few things about these issues:
-how should I go about working her with the "popped" splint (once she is off rest period); such as any wraps I should consider using or any training methods to help her stay sound/avoid damaging it any worse
-has anyone dealt with a cyst on the nose before; if so can you tell me about your course of treatment and how effective it was
-any supplements/vitamins I should consider putting her on when she goes into training

A bit more about her:
5yr old
raced 60 times
100% sound
not sure what discipline she will be training for (playing the wait and see game)
never bred
very very sweet and soft
up until I got her she was stall kept (not is pasture kept)\

any and all comments accepted
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