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I was riding for about 1 year + (hard to keep track) when I leased an 11 year old thoroughbred, the owner said he was perfect for me, he was not. Even being 5 years off the track and getting training is not going to make a thoroughbred a beginner-friendly horse. He was very expensive to keep, on special feed, supplements, shoeing, he constantly had gut issues, he was throwing shoes every 3 weeks, I could go on and on. Not only the cost, he was high strung, hard to ride and wanted to be the boss at all times.
So no, an ottb, at ANY age is not suited for you at all, fresh off the track or 10 years off the track.
You should get a years worth of riding lessons before you think about buying/ leasing (I recommend leasing before buying as you can always give the horse back, just make sure the contract has a clause in which you can terminate the lease if you feel endangered, or the horse is not right for you)
You brought up that your trainer has ottb lesson horses, while that’s fine (I learned to ride on an ottb) but it’s working because the trainer knows the horses and knows how to control them.
I ended up buying a little quarter horse and she is everything I ever wanted and more 🥰
Hold off, your time will come!
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