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I think i will start doing a journal thing about how Buzz and me progress in live :)

well i will start with information about my boy

is an 15 OTTB
he retired racing at a young age i presume because he was two slow
he was then trained in polo and was again to slow
he then went to do barrels and from what I know was pretty good but i dont know how the owner did it because when i do barrels with him he is quite slow
anyway that was his last owner before my friend got him
he was advertised for free and if no one took him he was going to the knackery
of course they took him
but the owner then had taught him when he spooked to back up really fast and he spooked in the flost and my friend didnt know that well she got a bad case of rope burn
they took him home and she rode him for about say about a month during that time i rode her little pony then somehow we switched
i fell in love with Buzz and she fell back in love with her pony Cookie :)

In July i think it was last year we had a vet out to check on Buzz leg
he had a massvie wart like thing on it which had been there for a while but had gotten bigger
it was a sacroid the vet said she could cut it off :)
and it would be all better it like a month or so
after complications and 5/6 months later and a hefty bill to go with it i was able to ride again

Buzz is my all purpose horse, I go to ponyclub, hack shows, gymkhana and want to start going on trial rides with him

Buzz and Cookie are like in love I think they hate being seperated but their getting better I take Buzz to pc without cookie and he only frets for about the first five mins then goes to sleep as soon as I put the tack on :roll:

ok now for me :)

I'm 16, 17 in less then a month
I have been riding for 5 years
I have hadnt had a lesson in ages but I am trying to save enough money to get some but i still have to pay of this vet bill :(
I have ridden western as well as english but english seems to dominate over here
I would like to get a stock saddle maybe one day and go on trials with it as im pretty sure its more comfy then an all purpose one

I go to a private school :(
in year 12 last year Whooo and scaryyy

well that should be enough of a novel for today :)
i will try and post whenever i go out to Buzz

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Todays ride friday 29th Jan 2010

Well since Buzz is an OTTB once he was never really balanced at a canter but he is slighlty more balanced and I am even able to canter circles now well today was the first time :)

what i do is canter on the short side and go down the straight and on the other short side start up a circle he is better on his left side more then his right but we are getting there :)

I also did some walking/trotting with a long rein and he is pretty responsive with my legs and my body which is good. I didnt try cantering yet but I will soon...

He has a problem cantering on the right side always seems to pick up the wrong leg but I correct him and we do it again :)

Tomorrow if I get time I want to do some ground work with him but my family is going out so I may not be able to :(

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Saturday 6th Feb 2010

On Saturday was a gymkhana I went in it was just for fun :)
I went all the possible hack classes and actually managed to get a few first and seconds :) I was very proud of Buzz and myself, he got the right canter lead all the time and kept cantering.
I was in the reserve champion and champion event but I didn't get anything but all the other horses were proper show horses i saw one girl see sawing at her horses mouth I felt sorry for the horse :(

I also competed in jumping 45 and 60cm
got a clear round in 45 and went through to jumpoff but Buzz isnt really that fast
Got disqualified in 60cm as he refused 3 times but I understood why its was late and at the end of the day
In all it was a really great day :)

I wont be riding for a while because i got some warts burnt off and its on my thumb and my ring finger on like the joints and it hurts to bend them, but I still go see him everyday :) amd hopefully be riding again next week

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Saturday 27th Feb 2010

Well I finally did some ground work that I was planning on doing ages ago :) I just practiced walking (by my side) and discenting(I think thats how you spell it) at the hindquarters. He got the hang of it quickly.

I started to lunge only at the walk he kept coming in so I was just waiting for him to do a walk all the way round when this person in the coner of my eye caught my attention(she was waving). She was at the very top of the paddock, I walked up it was one of my friends but I didnt think she had a horse here, she was like do you want to come trail riding. :D I jumped at the oppunity and we had a great time, first time buzz has really been out and he was sweating haha don't think we have ever cantered in a straight like for a long time.

It was very enjoyable hopefully there will be many more trail rides :)

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^^ Thanks :)

Wednesday 3rd March

Lunged again today, nothing secial just doing trasitions walking, trotting, wlaking, halting. He was being a bit lazy and wasn't staying at a trot but he did eventually.

It got me thinking of how far we have come. When I first got Buzz he was horrible to lunge he would just stop and I had to get my friend to help me. She actually had to walk around him and tap him on the bum to make him walk on. i was'nt able to lunge by myself, he would play up.
But now He goes around in a circle, I can lunge by myself, and he is an angel... most of the time haha

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it was pony club today :) had lots of fun :) but I will start with Friday

Friday 5th March 2010

Went for a ride, you know thought it would be relaxed a few circles at walk trot and maybe a canter. Buzz had different ideas warmed him up asked for the canter did a i will call it a pigroot (I'm pretty sure his front feet stayed down but his back went really high) kicked pigroot kicked canter then he was fine but I had to do it a few more times to show him thats not allowed, I was soo shocked Buzz has never pigroted at a transition (just after jumps but then its bucks but he hasnt done one in ages) but I think he may just be feeling good I have put him on some food to give him somemore energy :) I ended on a good note

Sunday 7th March 2010

Pony Club :) Woke up nice and early had brekky and went to the horses. With Buzz it usually takes us a while to get him on the float so We tried at 7 to hopefully have him on at quarter past. he got on straight away we didn't even need to get my friends pony out. we rocked up and we were like one of the first there it was soo amazing haha never early

First session we had jumping couldn't really do much jumping because we had a young horse in the class but it was still good did some trot poles and some little jumps maybe 40cm
next was flatwork, we were practising going into the coners and the instuctor told me I need to create more energy then Buzz will have more energy, it was amazing the difference it made. She was also helping me with rounding Buzz up and working from the back its good cos we only had 4 peolpe in the class
next was games which I played all by myself :( everyone was like nahh cant be bothered I was kinda disapointed but oh well
That was pretty much all the riding we did then therory then active riding which is like an added session which sometimes you don't need a horse for, like we did vaulting once that was really fun, but today we did lunging someone explained the proper way to lunge and the stuff you need it was quite helpful :)

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haha well it's been awhile lol I have to try and commit :p
well I try and recap everthing I did up to now

Been on a trail ride with a friend who I never knew lived around here
Started taking Buzzs on walks by himself to get used to being away from Cookie went for a walk oonce and we were out for half an hour lol i think it was more of a workout for me but he doesnt neigh and only on the first few walks he played up a bit
my friend went with a walk with me and I sat on Buzzs back for a bit on the way back he was good
Havnt been on a walk in awhile as school has started up again(this was all mainly on the hols) and can hardly go out
ohh in the holidays we sent up a sort of cross country course :) lol it took us nealry the whole day and when it came to riding we were soo exchausted but we still rode it lol

ok well I will do today now
Friday 23rd of April 2010
Was planning on riding but had no way to get there untill around 5 so I just lunged
The normal walk trot transitions but then I thought I would try cantering on the lunge he has done it before but on the other side as I had started on his bad side so I asked for a canter and asked but I dont think he understand what I was asking as he just trotted faster I slowed him down and asked again I think I may of got a stride or so but it was something
I then changed sides and walk trot transitions then I asked for a canter trotted faster asked again and he cantered I got half a circle :) I was so proud slowed him down then asked again he cantered again :) I was really proud lol

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so much for the comminment lol

well anyway last major thing that happened
Pony Club 2nd of May 2010
I had my worst fall ever.
It was quite a scary experiance. We were jumping and Buzz just refused and I just went over his head landing on mine, I had a blood nose and winded but I did get back on and ride again for about 20mins and did jump. But got of and got taken to the hopspital.
I had black eyes and a bruise on my nose for about 1 week after.

After the fall I sort of put of riding... I think it was subconsciously, like I would say nahh to much homework today I will just feed, or I will ride tomorrow.
Well I did ride again on the friday the 15th around 2 weeks after I fell off and wow Buzz was soo good :)
But when I first got on him I was like wow this is higher then I remember lol.

I don't know how I will be with jumping now though havn't jumped since I fell off, I actually dismatled the jumps and started doing more dressage stuff lol.
But I will jump again I just have to build my confidence up again, and will only jump when someones there.

Havn't ridden this week as exams are next week and I have been studying hard but I will ride tomorrow get some stress out but no jumping.

Wednesday 19th May 2010
Lunged, Buzz is soo much better. Although he did have a kind of spazz at me but I think he was just energnic.
Cantered both side whole circles :) he is getting sooo much better.

I thought I would do some pictures as there was alot of writting lol
cookies if anyone got through

and one I edited

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Ok I'm getting better lol

Sunday 23rd May 2010
I needed to get out of the house as I had exams all the following week and had been studying like crazy the week before.
Was planning on going on a trial ride with my friend that lives down the road she got to the place where my horse lives and Buzz was acting all werid, a little bit naughty and I didn't want to risk it as it was windy and a little bit rainy as well.

We just rode around the place abit and my friend who lives at the place rode her pony and we did our home made cross country course :)
I actually wasn't planning on jumping much because of my fall but with everyone there I sort of had to and I'm glad :)

Monday 24th Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th of May 2010

Had exams and nearly died, I swear bums are not designd to sit down for 3 hours and 10mins in a room with a big clock and teachers walking up and down the isles, not to mention having two in one day.
But thankgod there over I now have tomorrow and Friday off :).
I havn't ridden at all this week yet or lunged except Sunday. But hopefully tomorrow or Friday I can ride :).

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Friday 28th May 2010

Did flatwork, was only planning to just walk and trot, he was being good so I asked for canter and of course as soon as I asked he started he started being hypo, so of course a little bit turned into a lot lol, but he was good by the end.
Once I finshed I did some stretches with him some neck ones with a carrot :)

Sunday 30th May 2010

Went for a trail ride, my second one, had so much fun.
Except the person I was riding with kept talking about her love life, it was the worst, I was like trot now? lol
I wish Buzz had a faster walk though, we always got left behind because her horse has a really fast walk. Buzz trot however makes up for it. :)

We went riding under a bridge, Buzz got afraid so I got off and had to walk him.
We also rode new a main road, Buzz's first time near a road and he was great. :)
We had to cross the road I nearly had a heart attack lol but Buzz was fine like whats the problem. How I love my horse sometimes.
I took some pics.


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Lets cast our minds back to Sunday 6th of June 2010

That was pony club, Buzz was an **** to load on. My dad usually stands behind him and gives him a push and he walks straight on, well not on Sunday, Buzz decieded he would jump forward with his back legs and keep his front feet firmly in place :roll:
We did get him on though after about half hour though and many circles.
Pony Club was good didn't have any falls :)
A saddle fitting lady came and gave us a demostration and I got her to check Buzz's saddle, she said it was fine.
She also said something else but for the life of me a cannot remember.
loaded Buzz on in the afternoon fine.

All throughout the week I rode nothing special

Sunday 13th of June 2010

Went for a 3 hour!! trail ride.
My longest trail ride ever, I also think Buzzs walk is getting faster when were out, which is good.
It was also the first time I rode Buzz in water, he was a bit hessitant to start off with, but then really enjoyed it.
The girl I went with though waas always go go go. It was okay I guess but I had Buzz doing a nice canter and she would just speed past me :evil:
and then I would have to go faster to catch up.
I was soo sore the next day though, I could barely move but it was worth it :)

Same as a above with riding through the week but I dont think I rode as much because of weather and in pain lol

Sunday 20th of June 2010

Went for another trail ride(we always seem to be going Sunday) Went with a bigish group of about 5 including me.
Buzz seemed to be really skitish about leaving today, even with all the horses. Some cars went past and everyone one went one side and I went the other. I'm not to sure why I did I think it looked safer on the side I went as there was more space.
3 cars went past, some idiot girl in he last car yelled something out the window and that was it Buzz had a spazz. I personally don't really know what happened, only that I was on him next thing winded on the ground. But one of the girls said Buzz reared up(I don't think it would of been high) pigrooted I fell off and he took off back to his paddock buddy.
We were literally not even 1km away from where we left from so I was kinda annoyed.
Anyway got back on and had a really good ride after all that.
We went to the water again and went riding in the water, the tide was really low so we were able to canter on sand through water :D.
Buzz also figured out how to make the bigest splashes.
He would put his foot straight down (instead of the pawing motion) and went everyone around him even me lol.

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Ok well its been kinda rainy for the last couple of weeks... so not much riding...

I have been lunging him more and he is soo much better :)
I can now canter him on both sides and not be pulled over. Hes so much more balanced now :).
I have also been trying to teach him turn on the forehand I hyad tried ages ago but I think I was rushing it. I am now taking it slowly and going from the fround with poles in a T shape. I then walk him up to it and face his hindquarters and put pressure there. I have also been using my whip tapping where I would tap him when riding. He is getting the idea I havnt tried it on him yet.

Saturday 24th July 2010

Today I rode for the first time in a couple of weeks. I was planning on taking it easy. Buzz had other plans yet again. He was fine we did walk trot canter on one side and was asking for canter on the other side he was getting really fast and went we went around the coner he just pigrooted and I come right over his head. I must say it was one of my best falls as i got stood up was like wtf and got back on. I worked him hard after that and he was very sweaty but I think learnt :)

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haha I have been meaning to just keep getting distracted :)

Ok lets see after that week I was only really able to ride every Saturday before work aas I was reallly busy with school and we seemed to follow the same schedule ride walk trot fine, canter buck and I fall off. haha I know it wasnt his fault I should of been riding him more but just havn't had the time with weather and school :(

Wow I just relized that update was like 2 months ago, haha ok lets think if I have conquered anything amazing in that time...

I found some more thing about his past. :) My friends dads workmate apparently worked with Buzz when he raced. She said he was trained as a lead horse after his racing career, another thing added to the list lol.
She also said the owner before me abused him, well didnt give him the love he deserved and didn't treat him the best, I relized that would probably make sense as when I first got him he would back up really fast if something happened, he doesnt do that anymore :) The lady was really happy that Buzz now has a good home and is doing pony club and stuff, as thats what she always thought he would be good at.

Oh and last Wednesday 26th of August 2010
I lunged Buzz and he was great, haha I didnt even need the whip he responded to my voice, he cantered on cue full laps on both sides :) I was soo amazed.
very proud of my boy.

Friday 27th August 2010
This was the day Buzz decided he pented up energy and run a few laps around me as soon as I got the halter out. I took pics :)
this was when I first went up to them I thought it looked like a cool photo so I took a pic didnt know what was to follow...

and then


haha it was quite funny to watch, but eventually Buzz just stopped turned towards me walked up chewing lol, silly boy
that was a good ride nothing major happened

Sunday 29th August 2010 Pony Club
Woke up nice and and early expected Buzz to be a hassle to float, he wasn't, we were the first ones there. First time for everything lol
It was a good day, we did a jumping competion thing in jumping I finished the course in 1.04 seconds :) came first and got a ribbon, haha even though there was only two of us.
Flatwork was hell lol. we did no stirrup work and had to rise without stirrups, my legs are still sore now from it lol.
I found out I had been riding with my stirrups to short and they were taken down two holes it felt so werid.
went around to the cross country jumps wasnt game enough to jump any but went around and looked at them.
ended on a good note Buzz went straight on the float

well I think thats a pretty good update lol

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Ohh I forgot the most important information I found Buzzs information
Judice - Details

Name: Judice
Country of Birth: Australia

Sex: Gelding Colour: Bay

Age: 15 Foal Date: 04/11/1995

Sire: Staroka

Dam: Bay Judge

Grandsire: The Judge

Registration Date: 24/11/1997
Registration Number: 370945
ASB Id: 603353
5 starts- no money. Last race ran 1999.

I'm going to celebrate his birthday this year :)

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Monday 27th September 2010

Went for a nice relaxing trial ride. It was really great, was studing the whole morning, exams are coming up :S and just needed to get out rang my friend up and asked if she wanted to go out, haha of course she said yes :)
It was kinda scary because i had to leave where Buzz is by myself so I walked him till i got to my friends place which was like 15 minutes aways, it was a nice walk sortof, Buzz figured all hills were worth trotting up so there was a lot of stopping.
Got to her place and we sent off, we went to the river which Buzz for some reason wouldn't go in so I got off and walked him in... bad idea lol, my boots have holes in them haha needless to say my feet were nice and cool for the rest of the ride.
We mainly walked which is different to what I usually do with the other girl shes all go, but I think I prefer this extreme to the galloping one.
When we had had enough, we went our seperate ways, me forgeting how stupd Buzz can be :roll: starting playing up and because i didn't really feel like getting bucked off got off and walked him till we got to the main road, i rode him for a bit but when I had to cross it got off and walked him across.
Not brave enough to ride him over by myself yet.

Anyway it was a great ride Buzz was actually sweating quite a bit, which surprised me.

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I thought I should put some pics of Buzz when he was on the skinny side and now :)

and then i will do another one when he has all his muscle back

Friday 1st October 2010
I am starting long and low exercises with Buzz to help build up his muscle.
I rode for about half hour, just doing circles, serpentines and keeping the contact.
I then washed him, for pony club on Sunday. He hadn't been washed in soo long because of the weather.
I then plaited his mane I got pics but there on my camera still and my brothers will have a sook :roll:
Then fed him and waited like half an hour for him to finish so I could worm him. Lets just say he wasn't to happy with me

okay yesterday was pony club :)

Sunday 3rd October 2010
I had set my alarm to 6, sortof slept in though haha, but Buzz was good.
He now goes on the float straight away. Some days before it took as half an hour to get him on :roll:

Pony club was really quiet, two of the coaches are in America for the some equestrian event, another one is in hospital :-(

It was good in a way though, I was able to have a semi-private lesson, I went in with one of my friends.
We were working on trying to get Buzz collected, and get him to accept the contact, we are slowly getting there.
I think we may have gotten it at a walk and semi got it at a trot.
By the end of the lesson Buzz head was lower at the trot, very proud

Jumping was pretty much flatwork as well, a lot of hard work haha but I got the best compliment I could of ever wanted from the instructor.
She said that she saw a lot of potential in Buzz and me and that we could teach each other a lot :)
That was the best thing any one could say because lately I have been doubting my riding
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