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Hi y’all! :)
As you all know I had found a new trainer for my horse, and that’s going great!! ..but I found a separate trainer for me personally.
I really wanted to start competing and training again!
I was going to go with a top trainer in my area, we know him really well and he’a still competing at top levels, but then I was invited to another top barn in the area that my friend was going to, she spoke really highly of this trainer too. I decided to do one lesson with her just to see how she trains, and she was really good, really encouraging, and has trained some of the best warmbloods in the area, so I assumed she really knew her stuff.
the environment was really chill, and everyone was SO nice, lots of random people at the barn came up to me and complimented me on my ride.. which was really nice.
I decided to go ahead and do a few more lessons with her, with the plan to probably switch over to the other barn.
But I was about to head out for my lesson, when a bad thunderstorm popped up, so i cancelled.
But some of the others (that I met and became friends with..) went. The trainer had covid and didn’t tell anyone, everyone that had gone to the barn that day got really sick!! :(
Last week, I was about to head out to my lesson again, when my trainer texted and said the whole barn came down with equine influenza.
She and the other owner of the barn went to a show (it was hours away) with only around 2-3 horses (pretty sure it was a 2-3 day show) and they picked it up there, by the time that got back to the barn, those horses got sick, showed symptoms, yet did not quarantine them.. then they whole barn got sick.
She just texted me again about coming for lesson this week, and I politely said no. (She said some still have fevers, cough, vet tested and positive for influenza, vet did NOT say to continue lessons, though she is) Am I over reacting?
I feel like someone should be a lot more responsible. Me personally, I would not want to spread the equine influenza around, or covid!
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If the instructor had COVID and did not tell anyone and was in close contact, shame on them for exposing others, some of which because of health issues could die from exposure and contracting it.
If she did not know she had it, then she did not know....period.

As for influenza and sick horses in a barn, no quarantine of animal suspected of getting sick from a show....and coming home ill. :eek:
Animals exposed at a show, then coming home 2 days later could be symptomatic immediately upon coming home.
Incubation period is 1 - 3 days so very possible, but again shame for not having your animals vaccinated against and going showing..
Not taking precautionary actions of informing you of a illness outbreak in the animals...that's not fair imo.

That said, I'm sure your friend knows you have a horse in training, and others home on a farm situation....
I'm sure you told this instructor you have horses at home, cause you share a lot of "about you" and your wants and goals.
Any person who understands how easily illness is exchanged and who does the most carrying of illness to other animals also knows to cancel lessons and activities in a situation such as this is doing so to protect everyone at both or for you 3 locations...

As good a instructor as the person is, if this is how the barn she affiliates with operates my horses would not be boarded their and because of the interaction of horse, student and instructors at certain times....I would be darn careful of what, where and how my horse was touched by, in a barn with any other animals or humans at this facility. Truth.

You know that other trainer you mentioned and comes with highly regarded reputation...that might be where my lessons came from and boarding might be of the horse in future.
Outbreaks happen, but this situation is just a bit of a whammy of to much coincidences I don't like to closely together occurring.

Be glad you cancelled do to bad weather, and be very glad with a contagious outbreak as such your horse was not touched by you or near any of the sick or at that barn.

You have things to think about for sure...some things are avoidable, some are not....
Over reacting....I don't think so with how you tell your side of the story. Now what the other side to the story is from the instructor and barn is, and then what the truth is actually is always a bit different. Fact.
There doesn't need to be drama to any of all happens.
It is how any or all of it has been dealt with is what makes this a interesting tale of woe to read...

Glad you stayed healthy, your horse is healthy and the rest will work itself out...and you can think about what your next plan of action needs to be.
just realize that true equine influenza is contagious and can spread
"Illness may last from 2 to 10 days but complete recovery takes much longer and horses remain capable of spreading disease throughout the period during which they are sick."
If this were me, I would tell them to please call you when the virus has cleared all the horses and all are given the A-OK by the vet the illness has passed, otherwise....would not find me near that place nor my friend anywhere near your horses if she has any riding/barn attire on her person. I just would not take the chance of being the carrier....
🐴... jmo...
I’m definitely not going back, she knew she had covid and didn’t tell, (that’s what I was told, but you never know I guess) i am especially careful because of my parents, it would not be good if they got covid.
She has OTTBs so was very interested in mine, though I already told her I had a new trainer for him, but she did seem to push me to get info out.
Thanks for the link, definitely gonna read it.
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