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PETA (controversy)

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Ok, I was just reading a thread about horse racing and such and I saw PETA mentioned many times in it. It seems most of the members in this forum are against PETA but it also appears that there are a few people who seem somewhat supportive of them.

I was just wondering where everyone stands on this controversial group. I've looked around a little to see what PETA members and endorsers are saying and quite frankly in my opinion I cannot see how anyone could support such a group of people. They are a lot like terrorists in their beliefs and thought processes.

For example, here are some quotes from members of the PETA group. (note that they hold animal lives equal if not above human lives)

So for those of you who say "PETA does some good", why not rethink what you're condoning?

"Six million Jews died in concentration camps, but six billion broiler
chickens will die this year in slaughter houses.
-Ingrid Newkirk (PETA)"
(_Washington_Post_, Nov 13, 1983)

"We feel animals have the same rights as a retarded human child.
-Alex Pacheco (PETA)"
(_New_York_Times_, Jan 14, 1989)

Pet ownership is an "absolutely abysmal situation brought about by human manipulation."
-Ingrid Newkirk, PETA"
(_Washingtonian_Magazine_, August 1986)

"Arson, property destruction, burglary and theft are "acceptable crimes"
when used for the animals' cause."
-Alex Pacheco (PETA)
(_Charleston,_W._VA_Gazette-Mail_, Jan 15, 1989)

"The optimum human population of earth is zero."
-Dave Foreman, Earth First!

than anything we applied arson, and effectively we destroyed -- um,
let’s see -- the Northwest Fur Breeders Cooperative in Edmonds,
Washington, which we hit a week later after OSU. We hit Washington
State University’s Eastern Washington experimental fur farm. We did get
seven coyotes out of there, six mink, and ten mice … We burned down a
fur farm that was on the market to be sold, in Oregon also. We went to
the Michigan State University’s experimental fur farm program and
destroyed thirty-two years of research, by using fire once again, and
rescued two mink from there."
- SHAC rally, Edison, New Jersey (November 30, 2002)

In essence, PETA does NOT condone people having pets, it's goal is that there is absolutely no contact between animals and people.

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I cannot and will not ever support PETA. I was a member of a hunt that did everything to avoid any kills. PETA picketed out meet one time. A PETA member walked up to a members horse and punched it in the face. Called it a slave and murderer, or something like that. I thought that person would look perfect with a deep hoofmark in the middle of her face.
WATCH IT!! alli09 and kevinshorses: while both of you feel strongly about PETA and the other issues connected to them. Fighting will not help either of you get your points across and in fact will turn some people on the fence away from your side. Either of you have cross the line yet but are headed that way at a full gallop and are spurring.
I understand completely and I'm sorry for debating.
I understand completely and I'm sorry for debating.

Debating is not the problem and that is fine. I said that solely to keep it from a debate into a fight and that is were I thought it was headed in a few more post.
I dont feel like going threw 25 pages so here is my opinion...
PETA`s misson is to destroy human domestication of animals.
I am all for stopping animal cruelty but I am the voice for my animals not PETA there is animal lovers and haters I will protect my animals with my life if it comes to that PETA has no concern for animal lovers and they are paying celebs big buck to do adds for this junk and they do it with there heads held to high!!!
I'm a card carrying member of PETA.

People Eating Tasty Animals, that is! :wink:

There's room for all of God's creatures. Right on my plate, next to the mashed potatoes.
I'm a card carrying member of PETA.

People Eating Tasty Animals, that is! :wink:

There's room for all of God's creatures. Right on my plate, next to the mashed potatoes.
LOL I do so agree!
I'm a card carrying member of PETA.

People Eating Tasty Animals, that is! :wink:

There's room for all of God's creatures. Right on my plate, next to the mashed potatoes.

Same here and proud of it.
Like I said, yes there are members of PETA who have the animals interest in mind. However the people who make the decisions and manage the funds, do not. Thus, I rather support people who care about the animals than a group like PETA who does not.
Spastic, in my mind PETA and the HSUS are pretty much one and the same.

They want all domestic species to die off, and our 'subjugation' of them stopped.

What I don't understand, is why any animal owner/lover would support either of them. They're out to get everyone's animals, not just the people who are cruel, neglectful, and inhumane.

If PETA/HSUS get their way, dogs, cats, horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc. will all be outlawed.

Yes all you anti-slaughter advocates, even you will not be allowed to own any animals!

Saying that they do 'some good' is naive. Both of them are only in it for the publicity and donations. They do far more harm than good, and anyone with half a brain should realize these organizations are bad news.

The ASPCA and any state SPCAs are not affiliated with the HSUS in any way, shape, or form. I'll bet many of those who support them are not aware of that fact.

The HSUS wants people to think they are, so imply that they're part of the SPCA organizations without actually coming out and saying so. If confronted, they can always claim they never told anyone they were affiliated.
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That is exactly my point.

Generally, from what I have seen, people who join PETA without understanding the group generally have animals in mind. Same goes for HSUS. Most people I have talked to think they are going to help animals in shelters, get animals homes, etc. Are these people naive? sure. But they probably do have the best interest in the animal in mind and that is just because PETA and HSUS, like you mentioned, want people to think they are helping the animals.

That is why I am saying do not support an organization especially not PETA or HSUS.
Instead volunteer at an animal shelter, donate pet foods, sponser an animal instead.
Oh, I agree.

Those in the lower ranks and the general public think they're supporting the humane treatment of animals, when all they're really doing is helping to forward the agendas of HSUS/PETA.

If people really want to help, like you said, they should volunteer their time, or donate money and materials to state and local shelters/rescues.

I'm all for the ASPCA and the state SPCAs. They're the true voice for the animals.
I completely agree...and yet they are the ones struggling with funding to keep helping the animals while PETA is hosting black tie events..

It's really backwards.
That's because PETA spends their donations on slick propaganda campaigns, whereas the SPCA really does give the majority of their funds to help animals.
True, it's just really unfortunate. All the money PETA has could actually help some animals, they're just too radical.
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