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PETA (controversy)

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Ok, I was just reading a thread about horse racing and such and I saw PETA mentioned many times in it. It seems most of the members in this forum are against PETA but it also appears that there are a few people who seem somewhat supportive of them.

I was just wondering where everyone stands on this controversial group. I've looked around a little to see what PETA members and endorsers are saying and quite frankly in my opinion I cannot see how anyone could support such a group of people. They are a lot like terrorists in their beliefs and thought processes.

For example, here are some quotes from members of the PETA group. (note that they hold animal lives equal if not above human lives)

So for those of you who say "PETA does some good", why not rethink what you're condoning?

"Six million Jews died in concentration camps, but six billion broiler
chickens will die this year in slaughter houses.
-Ingrid Newkirk (PETA)"
(_Washington_Post_, Nov 13, 1983)

"We feel animals have the same rights as a retarded human child.
-Alex Pacheco (PETA)"
(_New_York_Times_, Jan 14, 1989)

Pet ownership is an "absolutely abysmal situation brought about by human manipulation."
-Ingrid Newkirk, PETA"
(_Washingtonian_Magazine_, August 1986)

"Arson, property destruction, burglary and theft are "acceptable crimes"
when used for the animals' cause."
-Alex Pacheco (PETA)
(_Charleston,_W._VA_Gazette-Mail_, Jan 15, 1989)

"The optimum human population of earth is zero."
-Dave Foreman, Earth First!

than anything we applied arson, and effectively we destroyed -- um,
let’s see -- the Northwest Fur Breeders Cooperative in Edmonds,
Washington, which we hit a week later after OSU. We hit Washington
State University’s Eastern Washington experimental fur farm. We did get
seven coyotes out of there, six mink, and ten mice … We burned down a
fur farm that was on the market to be sold, in Oregon also. We went to
the Michigan State University’s experimental fur farm program and
destroyed thirty-two years of research, by using fire once again, and
rescued two mink from there."
- SHAC rally, Edison, New Jersey (November 30, 2002)

In essence, PETA does NOT condone people having pets, it's goal is that there is absolutely no contact between animals and people.

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I wasn't aware that PETA owned any animal shelters do you have a link to them.
I DID happen to read something about PETA euthanizing 90% of the animals in a shelter. One of their purposes is to eliminate animals as pets.
I DID happen to read something about PETA euthanizing 90% of the animals in a shelter. One of their purposes is to eliminate animals as pets.
Because that'll get the point across. /sarcasm.

Have you seen what they say about horse riding? I went onto the Peta forum and found the horse riding thread, and some of the things people say are, simply put, ignorant.

But a newborn horse? In my oppinion human should leave alone them and set them free.
Where do you set a foal free in the wild? Around here, the horse would either die before it was found, or sent straight back to the barn.

Yeah horses love it. And the horse told you this with his own mouth I'm sure. Let someone jump on your back and kick you in the ribs and yell GIDDYUP and make you carry his fat ___ around while you do all the work.

Horse-back riding is slavery.
Ugh. These are people on the Peta forum. That last one really gets me.

I'm just not a fan of them in general.
The animal shelter here in town kills over 90% of the animals they get buy PETA has nothing to do with that one. Actually millions of dogs and cats are killed each year accross the country that PETA has nothing to do with.

In general I'm not fond of PETA but then I'm not fond of the NRA and their extreame veiws either. But I know members of both groups who are very nice people.
I'm just not a fan of extremists in general :p
Better dead than fed, PETA says

there is one of the many articles. the one posted is by the San Francisco Chronicle
Peta found homes for 15% While the SPCA was able to find homes for 73%. Kinda ridiculous
Im all for peta,greenpeace etc because they get things done.
They dont just sit around and think "oh what can i do"
they do it.
Im all for animal rights and i dont see why they should get treated the way they do for your pleasure.
To add to my last post, Peta Killed the rest, being 85% and aspca 17%
I worked at the largest rendering plant in the upper midwest, once a month we got a full truck load of dead dogs and cats to grind up and render. They didn't come from PETA
Then just imagine how large peta's load would be.

PETA is not about the animals, it is just a bunch of people that feel bad because they are worthless and dont contribute anything to the world.
You mean like the people who owned, abandoned, and kill the millions of dogs and cats now each year. The non PETA members are the ones that kill those millions, I can only assume they also are worthless and contribute nothing to the world.
Ya PETA is a joke... they also wanted to use human milk in Ben and Jerry's ice cream... enough said for me

PETA Urges Ben & Jerry's To Use Human Milk - News Story - WPTZ Plattsburgh
You always have to remember that owning ANY kind of animal in ANY kind of way is against PETA's beliefs. If you're for PETA does that mean you agree that a bug has the same rights as a child? Does it mean that you are ALL FOR them destroying businesses like the terrorists they are? Assassinating people because of the business they own? It's ridiculous!

If you're for the green peace, does that mean you're against using paper? Against living in wood houses? Because they're against logging completely. I can't understand where their brain is. Do they want us to use plastic? No wait, plastic water bottles would fill our land fills to the brim. The plastics mills pollute the environment right? So bottled water is bad. So back to clay I guess, or horse pooh! Did you know they can make houses out of horse poop!
Im all for peta,greenpeace etc because they get things done.
They dont just sit around and think "oh what can i do"
they do it.
Im all for animal rights and i dont see why they should get treated the way they do for your pleasure.
They do things backwards. LOL I'm curious if you actually ride your horse or if you have it in a huge field 100+ acres just to let it run around. Because "riding horses is slavery" in PETA's opinion.

Seriously people, THINK! Before you go backing a group like PETA, get your brains in gear and do a little research. Look up what THEY themselves have to say... They're way off in their thinking.
While PETA doesnt like people owning animals they also arent the ones breeding and breeding... whether it is cats,dog, horses, etc... so non-PETA people are technically responsible for the deaths of millions of "pets". However when they get the animals they may not do the greatest job finding homes for them... but they arent the ones that created the mess in the first place.

I just dont like how PETA veiws how animals should live. Ive been confronted by PETA people before at fairs and they try to tell me that my horse is "sad" because she was standing in the corner with her head down. But really my horse was resting after having a hard day. Also while exhibiting beef cattle at the state fair many were untied overnight (mine included) until the people were caught... I was thankfully doing a 1 AM check on my animals so myself and others that were awake got the lose animals caught and retied. It would have been great if the cattle would have gotten lose in the middle of St. Paul.
Ok, look outside the box! I am 100% against PETA! I am against that group because as a group they are insane and really doing more harm than good.

I AM however against the abuse and neglect of animals great and small. You DON'T have to be PETA to be against animal abuse! You won't stop the really evil people from breeding for money. I hate puppy mills!

But as a horse community look at it this way. Why are so many people out there still breeding their horses when there are SO MANY that need homes? I understand maintaining breed lines and such. But in our economy people are abandoning perfectly good horses in fields (which is legal in my state btw) just to die because they don't have the money to feed them. If people would be a LOT more selective about what horses they breed to whom then the problem would be a lot less great.

As what I can tell is the #1 horse forum on the internet, why don't we educate people about that instead of backing a group of wackos! It makes more sense to reach directly into the community in a pacifist way than to go burn down a breeding facility.
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They do get things done, but in my opinion in the wrong way.
I am against PETA but for animal rights.
I eat meat (organic and local, etc)
I ride in a leather saddle.

I don't wear fur though. I also don't eat veal. *shrug*

My horse is happy and wouldn't know what to do if I "Set him free"
What has peta accomplished in their existence other than making themselves a mockery and to look like fools?

The ben & jerry's thing was disgusting.

PETA is like a local terrorist organization, regarding the way they do things, or attempt to get them accomplished.
What I meant was that they get some people (the non-extremists) thinking about rights for animals.
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