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*Photo Edits*

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I can do simple photo edits!! =]
I can change the colors of the photo, black and white, add images to a pic (hearts, peace signs, music notes, ect.), put a border on the pic, add text, ect. :) If you want to know if I can do something, ask! And if you want an example of an effect, you can ask about that, too. :)
Examples of edits I have done:
<-- With this one, I just made it smaller and added "Roger" to it.. was an avvie for another website =]
<-- I added text to this one, made everything black and white but Roger and I.. :)
<-- added text, focal zoom, the heart. :)
<-- added text, border, & the heart
<-- Added some 'fuzz', the heart, and text
<-- Added blurred edges, made it lighter/tanish (the effects called 'cross procress', hard to describe what it really does..) and the text

If you want an edit, just fill this out:

Effects you want:
What color border(if you want one):
Resize? Smaller or bigger?:
Anything else:
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could you crop the frame out of this pictures please.
the horses name is lenny and mine is Jade wood.
could i have hearts
and this wrote on it: You&Me



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I love it! Thanks so much!

Can you do these:

Horse Show jumping Sports Bridle Rein

Horse Show jumping Jumping Horse supplies Jumping

In the first one can you just do anything pretty?
And in the second one can you edit out the people and put the words "We can jump the world"?

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Could you do one for me. It is of Cutter and Caddo. I took this pic today. You choose because I am unsure. Cutter is the black and white paint and Caddo is the sorrel and white paint.


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i would loovveee one! :]
could you write: happiness is only a muzzle away
other than that, have fun with it! my favorite color is green though :D
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also, could you do these two? i know they're not horses, but i really like what you do.
text: machu; forever my baby boy
and just makes it look pretty pwease?

and i would like to put this one on the card im making my best friend, so could you write: you're my other me
also just have fun with it :]

thankses a bunch!
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