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So first off. I love photo editting, but I am training with my horse and have tonnes of home work (High school). I also have a social life, its there somewhere.. So feel free to make requests and I'll try to get them done as soon as possible, but I am not going to be doing them all day longs :lol:. At the bottom there are some examples. they are actually quite old. But I haven't been editting in ages, I also make videos. But please PM me about them! If anyone has any certain thing they would like done with their picture(s). Please let me know, Thankyou. By the way, the Bananco one is very resent! I just did it today,,

Imageshack - westernboy51.jpg
Imageshack - rickandfriendsplaying02.jpg
Imageshack - codyih.jpg
Imageshack - mamahs.jpg
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