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I'm not quite sure where else to put this; but in July, I will be both showing, and photographing a horse show. One day is a drum horse / gypsy vanner / gypsy cob show, and the next day is an open show. I want to capture my mom and her babies (er...her drum horses) at their very best, and I want to capture everyone (or as many as I can) as they do their best to win ribbons

The problem is I haven't ever really shot a show before. I don't know if any pro photographers will be there (I don't think my mom would ask any to be there); so I don't have any true competition; and I don't think I'll be able to make money off my shots; but...

I still want to try. I want to know how to properly photograph a show so I can get the horse's movements, the riders and owners happy faces, etc. My camera is a Nikon L110 (COOLPIX L110 from Nikon) so it's not the best. I'm definitely jealous of those people with EOS Rebels and multiple lenses!

My horse pics aren't usually great (

I dunno... I guess I'm asking for tips on how to shoot good horse pics at a show?
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