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Photoshop Graphics?

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So I've been practicing on PS 7 and CS4 a lot lot lot and I think I'm finally good enough to start taking more advanced requests :) I'm able to also do mosaics/grids and some special effects. I haven't supplied many examples but you hopefully get the picture!
Also, if you need some simple cloning-out (like that irritating hand holding your horse's halter) I can edit that out too :) Examples:

Horse Nature Tree Love Natural environment

Horse Show jumping Jumping Jumping Animal sports

Blue Horse Electric blue Organism Pattern

Hair Water Long hair Hairstyle Beauty
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I want one! Here is the link to my pictures: She is the black and white mare, and her name is Havana. If you could I would like the background changed. Maybe something to do with a forest or rain? I'll let you work that one out! And whichever picture you choose you can edit/clone out any thing besides the horse. Thanks in advance :)
I wasn't sure if you wanted text or not so I stayed safe without.

Horse Mammal Mane Mare Terrestrial animal
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Oooh I like it! Thank you :)
Sure you don't want any text? :D
wow!! ur sooo good! could you change the background on these and maybe merge them together, like there a little herd of wild horses?? You may not be able to get the fence out of the way tho. Also, do you do signitures/avatars? Thanks!


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I'll try... But that fence is going to be a pain. May not turn out right.

Will you be wanting any text? Yes, I make siggies.
Okay. So the little brown pony was simply too hard to edit so I could only do the two:

Vertebrate Horse Mammal Mane Atmospheric phenomenon

Hope that's ok? Or maybe do you have a better photo of him?
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Thanks! would you mind doing this one as an avatar? And could you put "Their Hoofbeats sound across the plain like rolling thunder" or I you don't have room you can think of some thing else :D.Other that you can just play around with it. Thanks!


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Those are really good. I love all of the backgrounds.
Me and Night Heat:
Horse Bridle Pack animal Mare Riding instructor

Me and Love Story:
Horse Mammal Bridle Vertebrate Halter

Please, if you can, put them on a different backround... with their names, and any text that suit them pretty ples haha Thank you
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thank you sooo [email protected] that is so incredably cute! :D

Sure you don't want any text? :D
Sure you can do text. Sorry this is like really late, but the bed was begging me to take a nap :p Her name is Havana, and if you want you can put something else on there too.
If these pictures will inspire you can do with them what ever you want:)
Her name is Viola. If you want you can use her name in photo but it is not necessary:)

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ooh i want one plz.

here is a link to my pics
Oops! Forgot I had this thread up. Will work on these.
wiktorija (sp?):

Horse Cool Mustang horse Mane Friendship
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