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Pictures of our Horse Family

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I finally got around to taking pictures of all our horses. Here they are.
This is Joker, a 9 year old Paint
Horse Mammal Vertebrate Stallion Mane

Smokey, a yearling Rocky Mountain colt
Horse Mammal Vertebrate Mane Mare

Dolly (in the background) 21 year old RMH
Mammal Horse Vertebrate Mane Pack animal

Mac, 3 year old RMH
Horse Mammal Vertebrate Mane Pack animal

Cat, 13 year old Paint mare
Horse Mammal Vertebrate Colt Mane

and last but not least Commanche, 11 year old Spotted Saddle
Mammal Horse Vertebrate Mane Colt

Notice how a lot of them went and got burs so they would look pretty for the pictures. Crazy horses. :D
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Lovely horses!!!
You have some really gorgeous horses. I absolutely love Jocker's markings. What a great looking boy and Mac is such a nice looking horse as well! Beautiful!
Great looking horses! You sure own alot! LOL :)
Cat's markings are so pretty. Nice looking group you got there.
Thank you everyone, we enjoy them and they still cost less than our real kids! :lol:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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