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Hi, I have a 14 year old Standardbred, gelding. He has not had past issues with his hoofs and has been seen regularly by a farrier. I have had him since March and have volunteered at the rescue I got him from since July 2021. He has been there since March of 2021.

He gets turned out to pasture of grass along with my other gelding. Tonight while grooming him I noticed his front left hoof has holes in it near the coronet band. I will contact the vet and farrier tomorrow, but I also want some other insight. He doesn’t have any of the other symptoms of vesicular stomatitis, thank God. Any ideas please let me know.
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Thank you for the replies. I contacted the vet and she is going to let me know when she can come out. He saw the farrier on the 31st and to my knowledge he didn’t mention anything.

For the time being should I just make sure he only gets turned out when it’s dry and stop applying hoof oil?
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