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@dustyk ....just saw your comment.
What about White Lightening gel?
Apply into what's left of the crack from the bit of flare and dry hoof you notice...
I have Cleantrax soak but have not used it, only WL....

@Newtoequines21 ... if you decide to soak the hooves you need 2 boots one for the product to soak in and the other so the "fumigation" that needs to take place is done according to directions for best results..
While you have the solution made, do 4 hooves as the organism for WLD is in the ground/soil so if one hoof is exposed, all hooves are exposed...
Bet this horse grows a good amount of hoof during his cycle of trim time.
I see flare happening, hence the crack.
When the hoof is trimmed nearly all of that crack is going to be trimmed gone.
Because there is a crack does not mean there is WLD happening....
Watch, monitor and treat as needed when needed...if you wish to do a bit of proactive treatment White Lightening comes in a gel form you can squeeze some into the crack...
Welcome to the dry/wet scenario of rain then dry heat, rinse repeat near every day.

The coronet band as others said is = to our cuticle which can peel, shed, dry and rip off at times.
A bit of antibiotic cream rubbed in a few times a week will have this stop and look healthy as it grows back in.
This funny appearance also happens when the horses feet are wet for long periods of time from rain, flooded living conditions, snow and ice of winter...
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