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OKay so im saving up for a horse and i want one soooooooooooooo baddly heres a poem i wrote about horses0 its really long...

Exactly that
Thats called love
love between a girl and a horse
Every night before i go to sleep
i sit on my bed and stare at the pictures on my wall
Of all the horses and ponies i had once rode, groomed, soared on, screamed on, got mad at, laughed at
Theres nothing like spending hours cleaning up the mess of the thing you love
it stinks
well the smell isnt bad
But either way it doesnt matter
Because its all worth it
Anything and evrything about it is
When you get butterflies in you tummy and you swing your leg over to sit on top of the world
And walking, even as slow as possible, you feel the warmth and trust of the 1200 pound animal, your in love with, is under you and would never purposly do anything to hurt or scare you
And when you change gaits
its like a little mini adreniline rush
Then you aproach and obsticle
any english riders favorite
even if its a crossrail, because its still considered a jump
It seems like forever your up in the air, its not even a second though
In your mind it could be forever though
Because as a horse gets loser your heart gets faster
and as soon as you take off so does your heart and mind
Exploring how great and perfect that moment, that second of your life is
YOu feel that horses hooves magnify to the ground and you let out a big sigh, Not of releif, of hapyness
And you sit back in the saddle and have an urge to do that again
To feel that mere second of happyness and peacefulness
YOur alone in a giagantic open feild
The wind whistling thru out all the grass and trees
YOur body tenses up
Your legs get so tight You relese all your engery
YOu kick and flap the reins
and you shout
You bolt off
Sometimes Screaming, Sometimes Laughing, sometimes speachless
but its all out of fear, fear youll never get to do that again
YOu gradually slow down and finnaly stop
Again another sigh of happyness is let out
You then just fall back on your horses back
legs and arms dangling
Sometimes your eyes are opened staring at the sky, smiling bigger than you could ever smile
other times you close your eyes and smile slightly, but the biggest grin on the inside, you can hear your heart beating in your head, thats when NOTHING can be more perfect, the only person that can make a dream come true is yourself, thats why im never giving up, never giving up on that sort of love
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