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Pony, potential purchase

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I'm looking for a larger miniature horse/small pony to eventually drive.
This pony fits age, height preferences.
I haven't contacted the seller yet because I like to be sure I'm really interested before bugging them 馃槉, so all I have are the pictures/ info from the sales ad.
I know the angle of the pictures isn't ideal, but any opinions are appreciated. I guess my main concern is her hind end (goose rump) there are a lot of inclines , hills where I would eventually be driving her and I've read that a goose rump puts extra strain on the back and loins? She's 7 yrs. 40inches tall.
Thank you in advance.
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This doesn't help you much, but she is gorgeous, just needs a little grooming 馃構
7yrs is young too...Do you have experience driving?

Glad that you want to make sure you are interested before contacting, that is something that is so bothersome to sellers if a potential buyer contacts and wastes time ugh.
Thank you for replying. No, I have no experience driving, but, I have an instructor locally, and I'm not in a hurry ... Ugh summer, too hot to do much anyway .
I thought she was really cute, but, I can't do anything about the terrain (obviously I'd get out of the cart and walk up the actual hills... wouldn't expect a pony to pull me up a hill), the inclines don't look like much, but, you feel it after a while and I wouldn't want to get her if that would be putting too much strain on her due to conformation.
Yeah, 7 years is still young (I was really looking for 12 -14 yrs. But, compared to all the 1, 2 and 31/2 yr olds that are usually for sale 7 isn't too bad...I have no problem taking it easy for a few more years.
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Of course...That's what I am here to do, try and help with what I know, but also learn lots!
Actually, what state are you located in?
I know a few mini/pony breeders that also train their's before sale near me.

I wasn't meaning that 7yrs is too young to train or that you have to wait, just that you will have a friend for life lol!

Unfortunately, I don't know much about pony conformation for driving, but other than that I know conformation needs for rodeo horses really well ahahaha. I would suspect short back, short pasterns, muscly neck (I personally like prospects and horses to have extra length near the throatlash area, because to me that means the horse is flexible but I don't know for drivers...)
I'm in Southern California
You could also use her for a pack pony. stmhpslth-Sawtooth Leather Mini Horse Packsaddle

My mini stallion has this mini donkey saddle plus the panniers for going camping.


He is 34" at the withers. Minis are stronger than you think.
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I'm in Southern California
Hmm...The mini/pony breeders that I know are in near the Sac area...Too far!

He is 34" at the withers. Minis are stronger than you think.
Cute little guy Ara.
Do you breed?
Dinky, AKA Dinkus Maximus (he has small man syndrome) is 17 years old and has never bred. He is a sturdy animal, not one of those delicate minis. But I do not want to go through the trouble of standing him at stud, mare care, etc.
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