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We had a birthday gathering at our place. The guests were several expat families and their kids. Of course, several of the little girls wanted to ride the horse.

I asked if they wanted to actually learn to ride, or jus sit on the horse and take pictures . They wanted to ride properly they said. So I turned the session into an informal riding lesson.

None had ever ridden before, so I asked them not to hold on to the saddle with their hands. I asked them instead to sit up straight with their hands at their sides or resting on their thighs, and let their weight settle into their seats. They did that well as I led Skippy, my little horse around the corral.

A couple of the kids were afraid to get on the horse. One of them was carrying a stuffed t-rex. I told them that T-Rex wanted to ride. He wasn’t afraid. So I put T-Rex on the horse for a laugh.

The kids who had been riding laughed and shouted “T-Rex isn’t riding properly! He’s holding the saddle!”

They were right.

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That broke the ice with the other kids. Everyone rode a couple times around the corral.
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