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After some time off, I am purchasing a horse again and looking to get back into the sport as a proud AA Pony Dressage Rider.

That being said, both I and my unpapered chunky pony have spent a good amount of time out of (or haven't even entered) the ring. While I plan on doing nothing more than schooling sessions and possibly a schooling show this season, I would love ideas for a show name! I know it will be a while, but I'd love to have something to keep in mind as a goal.

Her barn name is Ivy, and I would love to have something with a V in it. So far, my favorite is Malvela. She is three, so she is very much unproven. We are both under professionals and plan on taking it slow, so hopefully, we are successful!

I'm just looking for any show name suggestions, but if my AA Pony Dressage riders have any tips and tricks for the little ones, I'd love to hear them! I'm excited to own a pony again, but I don't think my high-school self would be proud. :smile:
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