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Post here if you
have ever used
the wrong bit
or used a saddle
that didn't fit

Post here if you
have put a bridle on wrong
or ever sang your horse a song

Poat here if you
have ever pretended you couldn't.
even if you could,
and have forgotton to picks out the hooves-
even if you should

Post here if
you've ever eaten dirt
or even gotton horse-nose
on your shirt

Post here
if you ever ridden bareback,
Or ever gone on an exhilerating hack

Post here if you
have done it wrong instead of right,
But snuck out to see him
in the darkness of night

Post here if you've ever
given too much hay,
but your horse is
still there for you
at the end of the day

We all have done at least ONE of these things, havent we? Everyone should post.......lolI made this because we have all messed up on things when it comes to horses, but it's ok, because...well...... we fix it.

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Done it all :)

I figure if you don't make mistakes you aren't human, and if you aren't human you can't be an equestrian....According to the dictionary ^^
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