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I haven't been on the forum for a few months, but have to ask a few more questions. I was planning to get my first horse at the end of this year but have decided to wait until i finish my diploma at the end of next year.

1) Does every horse owner on this forum have a horse float? I mean I could easily higher one if needed there are plenty of floats around our area for higher, but then i would need a car to pull it. The only car we have is a Tuscon which pulls our camper trailer but could it pull a float???

2) Also Im havin trouble deciding were to board my horse. I have 2 options:
Option 1: Agist a paddock at a riding school 25 minutes from my house, vet and farrier that offers better facilities such as trails, horse walker stables if necessary etc and cheaper lessons OR
Option 2: Agist a privately owed paddock closer to home and original riding stable (original stable only allows agistment and stable use for competing owners) which is more expensive for lessons, but is closer to vet and farrier. If this option I would have to ride the horse to and from lessons which could be between 20 - 30 minutes at walking pass along quiet roads and bushlands.

3) If option 2 was chosen - How would i go about storing equipment and food (hay etc)

4) What is the average retiring age for a pleasure horse? I don't plan on competing or anything just weekly lessons, trails a bit of jumping etc

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