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Hey Guys, haven’t posted in a while. Just wanted to come on to sing the praises of Prascend for PPID (equine Cushings.)

I’d read so many stories of horses who couldn’t tolerate it, or who it didn’t work for, that I didn’t dare believe it would really work.

But Ella has been on it for about two weeks, and her coat feels softer, she’s moved up the herd from bottom-horse to lead mare, and she’s even losing her extreme swayback a little.

She still has muscle wasting on her top line, but it’s not as obvious as it was before.

I wanted to thank you guys who told me last year that Ella looked like she had Cushings. At the time, I didn’t know what PPID was, and I didn’t know I’d ever own this horse.

But now I do, and treatment is making such a difference!

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