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Pretty flowers and horsehair

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A lovely lady messaged me recently. She had suddenly lost her beloved horse given to her by her son. She had not grown up around horses and was a little afraid of them by some childhood experiences, you know the kind, the horse took off on her, jumped a fence, she fell off and never wanted to get on a horse again. Living in rural Alberta, her son hung out with rodeo kids, he became quite a good roper. He put himself through school on a rodeo scholarship. Although she was very proud of her son, she was very afraid he was gonna get hurt and he did, a lot, but nothing very serious. When he became an adult, he bought her the perfect horse. Mother and son finally went riding together. The horse he chose for her never bolted with her, she never fell off, she felt totally safe and she loved her horse, named Princess. Recently, a 26 year old princess colicked & was put down. She did not save any of Princess's hair, but she did find some tail hairs caught on the fence where the tractor drug her carcass through馃槳. She carefully salvaged each piece of hair and wanted something made out of them. The strands were badly damaged and broken, I made her something beautiful that she could wear next to her skin. Even though I don't make enough much of a profit and this is just a side hustle, hearing peoples' stories like this, make it all worthwhile.
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what a great idea!! and pretty,, to boot.

When I do memorial pet/horse portraits I get to hear stories of the lost animals, too. It's always a privilege.
Yes, I have heard many heartwarming stories but many heartbreaking ones too 馃挃 . I have opened the package containing a little girl's ponies tail, the tail was white but it looked dark red as it was soaked in dried blood. I won't recount the story of how the pony died but it was horrific!
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