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I am not sure where to put this, so if this is the wrong place, feel free to move it to a more suitable spot.

I was thinking about what I bought Promise for, and if it was a fair price, and what I could get for her in the future if I decide to list her for sale.

Promise when I bought her:
- Bought her for $1200
- 3 year old
- unstarted
- basically untouched
- not halter broke, but had a halter on as a weanling, then left until I came
- very shy of people and would not let people touch her
- Registered QH mare off cutting, cowhorse bloodlines
- palomino

What she is now:
- coming 4 year old
- still unstarted, but will be started in spring
- halter broke, leads, ties, loads in the trailer, good with her feet
- has had the saddle on her
- most groundwork done, still working a few kinks out
- is still a little shy of new things, but loves people and great with kids
- is very curious and tries her hardest at everything
- easy to catch in pasture
- 15hh, still growing a little bit and filling out more

What she will hopefully be like if listed for sale:
- started undersaddle
- all groundwork done
- is good and willing to walk, trot and canter undersaddle, sidepass, back up, move off leg pressure, start of collection.
- good for anyone with knowledge of riding to ride her.
- what is listed above.

So what are peoples opinions on what I can get for her now, and what I would be able to get for her if when I am ready to sell her. Also opinions on if I paid for her fairly or if she was worth less or more at the time I bought her.

I like buying and selling horses, and I don't want to stop that yet, so, unless I fall madly in love with her once I start riding her, she will be listed for sale so I can buy another resale project. Promise, in time, will make a great kids horse, based on how she is with kids on the ground and just her overall personality and train-ability.

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A horse is only worth what the market dictates. The best way to find out what your horse might be worth is to look through the classifieds in your area and see what horses like yours are going for. Usually the price will drop a bit, sometimes 25%ish, in negotiation.

People on here could give you a range of numbers, but none of them are going to be that relevant to your area.

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Breezy if you thought she was worth 1200 when you bought her then she was.
If you think she is worth double or triple that now and can find a buyer willing to pay at then she is worth it.
If a buyer wants her bad enough he will pay any amount to own her.
A finished horse will always find a buyer. Shalom
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