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Ages ago, we leased a stallion for breeding. This horse was a rope horse, super broke, just a good soul. However he did have one problem. When he thought he'd done enough for the day, he'd lay down on you. Did you know it IS possible to pick up a horse by the belly with your spurs? Yep, I did it. He got the "point" and was more than happy to get back on his feet, and we finished what we needed to do. He'd been let get away with this for far too long.
I should add, he never tried it again with me.
All I'm saying is its up to you to not let this behavior go on. Whatever you need to do to get it thru to them that they're not done yet, that's what you need to do. Like this stallion, I didn't kill him with my spurs, but he got my message, we're not done.
It might be as easy as just turning the horse around and heading out again. But be firm, this is an area where you cannot allow them to dictate to you that they are done.
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