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I've been working hard at trying to improve my horse since I got him, he dropped a lot of weight this past winter unfortunately. I've tweaked his diet to be entirely forage with a balancer, and added oil. Me and another boarder have also encouraged and successfully convinced the board owner to give free choice hay.
I have been working with a trainer, learning about collection, and how to improve his muscling. We are no where near there yet or perfect, but these photos make me happy. I know they aren't the same side and his pose is different, but I think the improvement especially in his saggy gut and wither area is obvious.
Regardless if his visual is that striking, his stamina and strength have improved noticeably, and I'm proud of him. He tolerates a lot from me while I'm learning and I hope to keep helping him as best I can.
First photo is April 8th and the second is May 2nd.

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