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I have heard that many people, including some one this forum, do not like Purina and/or Nutrena. If you do not like Purnia and/or Nutrena, why? Is it the company, the actual horse feed, or the customer service or...? I have never used them before but I thinking about it, but now I am not sure. :s

I know that everyone has their own preference and that no company can please everyone, but it seems like Purina and Nutrena are commonly brought up as "be wary" brands.

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Oh...heres come a book...a novel.
Get a drink and comfy chair to sit in...

Like anything else this boils down to personal experience, not investigating fully what is happening today in the feed world and also much is based on your personal horses needs and how they react to the recipe of the feed made.

Today the Purina Mills division that does equine feed is who is the mill for Nutrena, Southern States aka Triple Crown feeds, Dumor, all of the Purina line, and several other feeds but smaller labels.
Purina, Nutrena and a host of other companies are all owned by parent company up on them to see what else this huge conglomerate owns. Nestle is another company they own most recognize...

Purina by me has dedicated plant/mill or a dedicated feed line where nothing other than equine feed is manufactured.
All of the companies use Purina ingredients but their own recipe.
So when some call certain ingredients junk and garbage I just smile cause their feed is made from the same ingredients out of the hopper of 100 ton capacity to start the recipe of such and such a brand...
Today the differences are in the recipes...not ingredients.

I never keep it straight honestly but one recipe type is guaranteed ingredients, the other is guaranteed analysis and percentages = every ingredient combined to make your feed fed a consistent bag to bag protein, fat, fiber..
I don't care what companies feed you use, there are differences in each train car load of beet pulp, corn, oats, barley, soy bean meal or any of the myriad of ingredients in a me what is important is the P/F/F stay the same bag to bag, the calories, the starch & sugar {NSC} don't fluctuate.....that does mean sometimes the amount of a particular ingredient needs tweaked to meet those numbers.
I would rather the tweak than a never changing recipe and the harvested product now milled is off the wall high or deficient and my horses body pays the price if there are any issues of IR, Cushings or such just isn't healthy to bounce your metabolism around so much.

So some people have bad things to say about every manufacturer on the market...nothing makes them happy.
Some people hold against a company something that happened 30 years ago...times change, so do companies and information, technology and nutrition learned to become better, but that prejudice still remains by some.
I'm prejudiced too, I admit it against certain companies because they have made mistakes never correcting their error that killed horses not 1x, not 2x but at least 3x just in the state of Florida and all for the same reasons found in necropsy and guilt in a court of law against the recent the last incident was only a few years ago! They have also had incidents of poisoning in other states too...
Did it change them...doesn't appear when they use the same production line to make equine and ruminant feed today.

Yes, the horses dies from Monesin poisoning, a ionophore in the smallest amounts is health devastating and deadly to most animals.
I won't have products made by that conglomerate of companies on my property, period.

All I can say about what company is best is it is to me so much more important that availability of product is consistent and plentiful. Fresh on the shelf...
Feeds that are made in a dedicated plant or feed line where no ionophores are on site so no oops can happen.
That there is customer service that can answer your questions, offer advice and suggestions who know what they are speaking of...nutritionists by college degree.
That food is fresh and company stands behind their product made.
For me, guaranteed numbers of P/F/F, calories per pound, NSC, vitamin, minerals and amino acids are easily daily need met with a easily understood guideline of feeding instructions.

So, Purina is a world wide company that offers nearly the same product line all over the USA and Canada with slight name change one country to another...but what is inside the bag is the same nutritional values.
I don't know what is overseas, but know the Purina products exist as Olympic equine teams feed Purina feeds provided by the nation they compete in.

If I traveled with my horses it would be important to me that a consistent food was able to be bought and fed no matter where it was purchased from...if it said Purina Strategy GX on the label, it would be the same in Florida as South Dakota, California to New Hampshire.
For a company that is so hated, they are the largest equine feed manufacturer in the world with accolades of some of the biggest names, world recognized equine organizations that feed their products...that sways me more than a disgruntled person with their feelings based on something that occurred decades ago...sorry, no.

I've not fed much in Nutrena products but their supplement Empower Boost and had wonderful results using complaints.
Same as Safechoice, not as much product choices carried by my home and what was was not what I needed for my horse or things like NSC were to high for my animal to eat safely.
Purina has a enormous line of products to choose from and more places that carry their line of foods that make it easy to get what you need when you need it.

Yes, I like and feed Purina feeds.
I purchase my food from Tractor Supply who now carries Safechoice, Nutrena, Dumor, Triple Crown, what was Blue Seal and several other brands...along with Purina.
Price is pretty even quality bag to quality bag no matter the brand...
My horses though also seem to enjoy eating the Purina product and will walk away from some of the I feed what they will willingly eat.
So, that is my take on the subject.
Others here I hope will contribute and give their feeling and opinion as we are all entitled to what we feel and know was our reason for yea or nay on any of the huge choices of equine feeds available today.

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I too feed Purina products and like them. I feed Purina Strategy GX and Outlast and have had very good luck with it and have contacted the customer service and they promptly got back to me both times. I fed one bag of Nutrena so I can't comment on them. I know my horses eat Purina very well. I started my filly on it as a yearling and she has developed very well.

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The big eye opener for me on Purina was my recent introduction to the ionophores/Monesin. I can't quote where I read this, but many manufacturers of cattle feed that use Monesin had problems with horse feed being contaminated from lack of proper cleaning of equipment when switching from cattle to horse feed that they now have all their horse feed manufactured by Purina who has a line that produces only horse feed.

0.02 ounces of pure Monosin will kill a 1,000 pound horse. That's more than enough to make me stick to Purina. And if the cattle feed producers choose Purina also, that just confirms it further.
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