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I have a yearling app colt (soon to be gelding I hope)

I'd like to try feeding Enrich 32 but was told I might have to supplement him with somthing else... for instance beet pulp.
I'm really confused about the whole feeding thing and I want him to have a healthy growth!
What do you think? Is beet pulp a good choice? How much beet pulp will I need to feed? I already go the Enrich feeding specs from the website!
He is 8 months old and around the 500-700lb 13.2 hand range...

He is currently on (close to) free choice hay, he gets as much as he cleans up so he doesn't waste any (very good quality Timothy with some Orchard Grass mixed in).

When I got him he was wormy, the vet told me to deworm every month until he is at least year old (July 7). I plan to deworm him monthly until the first frost, then I will go to the regular barn schedule.

The last three months he was dewormed using;
Pancure (start of Jan)
Safe Gaurd (start of Feb)
Zimmectric Gold (start of March)

He is currently on Omolene 300 and I just am not liking it.

He has a hay belly but that is about it.

He is very narrow and boney in the front end and he has a weak stifle/hind end
I realize part of this is due to conformation but I want to make sure he is getting a proper diet too!
I also know that a little bit thin is better than too much and too fat (or growing to fast with joint issues to follow).

ps. He gets 24/7 weather permitting turnout as well as 10 minutes MAX of 'baby roundpenning' (he sets the pace I try to keep it walk/jog only) 3 days a week only.
We also work on showmanship and ground 'stuff' and I take him out groom him and fuss with him everyday...
I am trying not to over due it, but I don't want him just sitting in a flat paddock with no exercise (he mostly walks around and sleeps in the sun) and no manners!
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