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Pursuing Barrel Racing!

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I am so excited to be finally in a direction of a sport. I am working with a trainer to get me up to par to compete in barrels. I am so excited! There is so much I need to work on, but I suppose I can't expect it all to come together in 2 lessons :p. Anyone have any tips/suggestions, things to remember or watch out for? I am a tall girl and I know that can work against me, and at the moment I have octopus arms lol, I need to control 'em. Anywho, I'm stoked!
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I'm 5'5" tall and I was just practicing today.
Right now I'm working on figure eights and turning around the trash cans I set up(don't have barrels so I made do!).
I was able to keep my arms down and not bounce as much.
I plan on doing barrels,key hole,and poles eventually.

I'm excited as well!

Good Luck.
You'll do a good job. Just make sure you keep positive.
What part of Oregon are you from?
I live in a small city called Grants Pass,OR
that is sooo cool! 3 people who are from oregon!

I was working with my horse today and we did some walking through obstacles and sometimes a gallop but she seemed a bit sore today so we took it slow. How many times do you take lessons?
you're competing already?! wowww...thats awesome
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