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Question about the forum?

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Not really sure what topic this was supposed to go in, so I put it in this one. So, as I have been posting/replying, I have seen some members are banned. Anyone know what that means? Here's an example (It's a fake)

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Regardless of the age of our members, we all post by the same rules.
No one is given a free-pass on the rules or havoc and chaos would follow.
Rules of the forum were made so all are able to enjoy the fellowship of other horse enthusiasts...
The rules are simple to read, simple to understand, simple to follow and simple to then enjoy the forum to its fullest.

You, and only you are responsible for your posts and what others see & read.

We, the moderators, strive to keep this a friendly place to be, to hang out at and to be members of...
Rules were written and are enforced so we can all enjoy being here together in friendly camaraderie...

With that, please, please read those rules and refresh your memory of what they state.
If you as a member see something that is not it and let the moderators know what and why so it can and will be investigated.
If ever a question or not understanding, contact any of the moderators/administrator in a conversation that is a private way to ask and have a answer returned.
"The team" is always available for discussion when asked and approached...

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As someone once said, do the crime; pay the fine.

When any member registers they certify they have read the rules. Some actually do. Others say they did but don't.

The rules are there for a reason. They keep the forum a friendly place for horse enthusiasts. When broken or disregarded then there are consequences. That ensures attention is paid to them. If there is a continued disregard by a member they are banned. Bans can be short term or permanent. If a short term ban doesn't get a users attention and change their ways it can lead to a permanent one. There are situations and rules when broken where a permanent ban is the consequence.

Here is a convenient link to the rules. They include a link to our conscientious etiquette policy as well.

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