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Quitting smoking with...CHAPS!

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So, tomorrow (today) I quit smoking with Shay-la. My main issue is money - I currently spend $300 a month on cigarettes which equals $3,600 a YEAR. How absolutely disgusting is that? As if it wasn't annoying enough having to be aware of the health issues, and having to smoke outside in -40, now it's making me broke to? HOW DARE YOU!? :lol:

Anyway, we're making plans and goals to really help us. To make myself feel better about quitting, we're both bottling up all the cash we'd spend on smokes. We are then allowed to buy ourselves something extravagant that we don't normally buy because we're always broke from dang smokes!

I have decided to gift myself with chaps. And I mean, proper fringed Western chaps. I have wanted them for ages, and yet never been able to part with several hundred dollars for them. They are going to be my month one gift, so I'd like to keep them around the $300 mark if possible.

Any suggestions or opinions? At the moment, I've got my eye on these:
Western Equitation Chap [DRC0764]

Does anybody else have advice based on their own purchases? Has anyone bought these particular chaps? Do you have some you love to pieces? Keep in mind I'm in Canada - I don't mind paying shipping, but I don't want the shipping costs to be half what the actual product was! :lol:
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Good job! Quitting was actually easy for me. I had been a smoker for 14 years, a pack to a pack and a half a day. I was going in for a tummy tuck (I had lost 100lbs) and the surgeon said that, for it to heal quickly and well, I had to stop smoking. AND, if she thought I was still smoking when she was going to do the surgery, she would refuse. I waited so long and worked so hard to get to that point, that I had a quit date lined up and everything. However, FATE stepped in. I was riding, got thrown, and ended up with a broken right arm. My left arm is just useless, and I couldn't light or smoke using it, so I ended up quitting that day!
I did have the surgery, and even the doc was suprised at how quickly I healed. I noticed how much TIME I had in each day (smoking 20-30 cigs a day at 5 -7 mins. per...) now that I wasn't running outside every hour or so to puff. The money thing is spot on.
One suggestion (and it helped with my hubby when he quit, right after we met!) is this: Once you quit, think of yourself as a non-smoker, not just someone trying to quit. When you get an urge to smoke, laugh and tell yourself "I don't smoke!" When you get the urge to buy cigs, laugh and ask yourself "Why would I do that? I don't smoke!" You are now a non smoker. Act like it. Leave the "try" part in the dust. No excuses, no "well, just this one..."
It IS easy..,.You just gotta get through the first three will get easier and easier.
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