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Random Cantering picture

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Johnny gets quite excited once the jumps are pulled out, so its a must to canter him around the arena a bit before jumping, or he focusing so much on the jump, that he forgets what he is supposed to be doing, if that makes sense lol. Anyways, here is a picture of up 'warming up' for the jumps - it was more of a gallop because he was so worked up. But im not complaining!
I feel that i am not very active on the forum right now, so i thought i would make a picture thread. Yes, i do realize my heels are not down, im working on it :)

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Looks like fun!

It will be easier to get your heels down when you fix your body. Your hips need to be further back, over your saddle. With your body in the right place your leg will be in the right place and your heels will be far easier to get down. Also, take some foot out of the stirrup. It is next to impossible to get your heels down with your foot shoved home like that.
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