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I have some stuff for sale. More not horse stuff than horse stuff, but I thought I'd post it anyways.

Ride Safely! DVD with Clinton Anderson - $5
-About 45 minutes long. Basic tips and also a couple training tips. Great for beginning rider. Never Opened.

Slick N Easy Grooming Block - $5
-Removes loose hair, dirt, and dust.

Big sponge - $3
-Like the ones used to wash cars. Used 3 times, then bought E-Zall. :)

Two chains from chain lead lines - $5 each.
-Lead ripped off when it got old. Add some baler twine or rope and you have a good lead that you won't mind getting dirty. :lol:

Three Small Horse toys - $1.50 or free with other purchase
-2"x2" An App, a Buckskin, and a Bay in harness. DO NOT LET KIDS EAT THEM!

Fuzzy Poster of Mare and foal running down beach - $5
-Not colored in yet!

Three belts - $5 each
-1) Black YMI Belt w/ Silver Studs...Size 16 (50")
-2) Bright Red NOBO Belt w/ Silver Beads outlining small triangles cut in leather...Size XL (47")
-3) Dark Red Belt w/ rope laced on edges and gold beads down center (rope reminds me of baler twine. lol)...Size 18W (49")

Light Brown High Heeled Dress Shoes - $15
-Open toed. Were my aunts, I don't wear heels. Size 8B Unisa Brand. 3" Heels

Black w/ Silver Satchel - $15
-Multiple pockets. I used it for a couple weeks, but got a bigger one instead.

Or $60 for all of it.
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