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I saw this on Tack of the Day and had a chuckle. I thought it might be fun to compare the wish list and the reality:

What do YOU want in a horse?
Not much. Just that is be sound, gentle, easy to ride, have good manners, be attractive, load, clip, stand, tie, know its lead changes, jump 3' 6", win the hack, trail ride, and know a teensy bit of dressage, maybe just to 4th level, go cross country, have no vices, be between 6 and 10 years old and at least 16.3, pass the vet check and never need training rides. Oh, and by the way, I can spend two thousand dollars.

What Did I Get in a Horse?

  • Sound - Yes
  • Gentle – He no longer tries to use his mammoth-sized rear end to smoosh me into the rails on the side of the cross ties when he doesn’t want his feet picked – and when he did, he was very “gentle” about it.
  • Easy to ride – Define “Easy”
  • Good manners – Define “Good”
  • Attractive – He’s the most beautiful horse in the world, obviously!
  • Load – Yes, but sometimes he gets confused unloading
  • Clip – Haven’t tried that one yet!
  • Stand – Developing a nice ground tie, but gets bored and paws in the cross ties. At least he no longer ties to break them!
  • Tie – After a couple months being tied to a tree, I think we have this one down.
  • Know lead changes –He did perform 3 perfect tempi changes the other day while cantering on a straight line. He did it without being asked though, so I’m not sure that counts!
  • Jump 3' 6" – If he does it while jumping a 2 ft oxer with flowers in front of it, does it count?
  • Win the hack – We made it to the show – maybe next time we’ll make it past the alien ponies wearing evil blankets and into the show ring so we can find out.
  • Trail ride – Usually
  • Know a teensy bit of dressage, maybe just to 4th level – Do the occasional unintended and unwanted airs above ground count?
  • Go cross country – “Do I have to step in water, because I am NOT putting my feet in water!”
  • Has no vices – I do wish he’d quit trying to eat my reins and anything else he can put in his mouth! Otherwise, he’s pretty good.
  • Be between 6 and 10 years old - Coming 4, was 3 when I got him.
  • At least 16.3 – And still growing!!
  • Pass the vet check - Yes
  • Never need training rides – Every day is a training ride!
  • Oh, and by the way, I can spend two thousand dollars – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
What I REALLY Got in a Horse:
Almost every day I get to see my horse learn something new and every so often, I get to feel the light go off when something clicks. After about a year, things are finally starting to come together and I know that I’m the one responsible for that. That’s worth all the push-button ponies in the world to me. :D

So, what did YOU get in a horse? I hope you'll share how your reality compares to the "wish list"!
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