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Hi all,

I just rejoined the site after at least a year not logging in. Life got in the way as usual and I just stopped posting for a while, but hoping to reconnect with everyone here!

I am a 23 year old graduate student living in Virginia. I have one horse, a crossbreed mare named Maggie. Here is a picture of us (I like to make little collages like this) :)

My main reason for joining this site is to get critiques on my riding. I just got back from studying abroad for 9 months and still haven't managed to get back the skills and muscles I used to have for riding. Lately I've been having more bad rides than good and getting frustrated with myself and my horse. I don't have money for an instructor right now so no way to take lessons, but I'd still like someone to take a look at my riding and give me some advice. So, I'll be posting a lot on the critique forums!

Looking forward to meeting new people and becoming a part of this great community :)
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