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Oooh, what a good topic! I can't wait to read everyone's!

Mine was a time when I went on a trail ride with my friends. We got up really early, and I had to make three trips of trailering the horses to a river near by, the "C & O Canal". It ran ajacent to a set of railroad tracks as well as the Potomac river.

I brought my two horses, my friend brought her two, and another friend brought her one, so it was a day of friends trail riding.

At first we were just riding through the woods, jumping logs and trotting along the bank, but then we got to a really deep part of the river that had a giant boulder sitting in it, and a rope swing above it.

We weren't wearing swimsuits, but we decided to go into it with our horses, so we stripped them of their tack, yanked off our tall boots and rode them in. We took all of them through the deep water, but my horse Vintage was the only one that really seemed to love it. We'd get on her, two on her back, and one grabbing her tail, and she'd swim through the deep water. Sitting on a horse swimming through deep water is the most incredible experience I've had.

Once we'd done that a bunch, we left the horses on the beach, and played on the rope swing. We kept Vintage in the water about knee high, and she napped while we climbed all over her, jumped off her back and stood on her back. The other horses napped on shore, including my friend's high strung ex racehorse.

It was the most incredible experience. We went back two more times, but it was never as amazing as the first time, when the weather was perfect, and we had all the time in the world.

So that's mine! I'm excited to hear everyone elses!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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