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requestss .

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okay so ill draw your horses for you. ill draw collages or anything you want. please dont overload with photos . ill also photoshop what ever you want me to. id appriciate if you post some interesting angles and colors . THANKS . :)
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You can do any in my barn that you want : )
okay , ill get on it !
ohh okay. im done yours shut up joe. ill post it now !
here you are shutupjoe. i actaully really like the drawing iun person but the image on my camera does it no justice haha . HOPE YOU LIKE IT !


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heres a picture i started last night. im going to go start on twilight arabs .


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That's great. Thanks : )
haha , your welcome . sorry im not good at shading !
so i will do twilights tonight. i got sidetracked yesterday . ,,, bump.
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