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Rescued Flaxen Paint wild brumby stallion, how does he look?

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He’s about 3-4 years old, captured up North Queensland with a herd of brumbies. Unsure if brumby himself or station bred that’s been running wild. He’s no show horse and hoping he will be an all rounder one day but curious what people think of his conformation. He’s about 15hh high.
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I don't know enough about conformation to comment, but... that is one good looking horse!
I think you underestimate him with the “no show horse” line of thinking.

I really like him. Legs look nice , good bone, big solid joints.
His angles all add up pretty nicely.
He’s pleasantly proportionate. Nicely muscled but not over muscled.
Bright , intelligent eyes.
Biggest fault I can see would be he’s a bit long in the back and doesn’t naturally carry himself over his topline so you’ll have to create that.

I’d buy him. And I’d show him.
Nice looking horse. Are you gelding him ? He could use a few pounds which he should pick up quickly now that he will have a secure source of daily feed. Hope he will be easy to train He looks like a solid horse .
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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